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Population Matters

Crowded Stopped traffic on I-35 in Austin, Texas. (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) I’ve tried — and ultimately failed — to avoid the conclusion that humanity’s greatest threat is the increasing numbers of humans. The latest UN report says that global population growth is slowing, but will still approach 10 billion by 2050[…]

Ivy Taylor Is Delusional To The Point Of Being Incompetent

Home Sweet Home A “house” on Oliver Street in Seminole, Oklahoma, that would more properly be called a “shack”. During my nine years in Seminole, I met multiple people who lived in homes just like this, because they couldn’t afford to fix them up and couldn’t afford to move elsewhere. They couldn’t even afford to[…]

Why We Still Need Feminism : Mansplainer Version

Note: This is a very long entry, with many dozens of examples and source links. While I would LOVE it if readers made it all the way through, I understand why they might not. If you want a short, summarized version, click here. In 2009, SCOTUS was composed of eight men and one woman. Ruth[…]

A Day Without Women

This is the official logo for the March 8 event. Organizers of the Women’s March are calling for a “general strike” on March 8, which they have dubbed “A Day Without A Woman”. The idea is that if enough women stay home from work that day, the rest of society will see how important women[…]

Wealth And Income Inequality: What Are We Really Talking About?

Wealth inequality in Europe and the U.S., 1810-2010 (Source — .pdf, 1.2MB) The more I learn about wealth and income inequality, the more I realize I didn’t know — and still don’t know — and the more it’s obvious that many other people don’t know. Rampant confusion reigns. In my observation, most laypersons don’t understand[…]

The Concepts Of Property, Inheritance, Money, and Interest

While working on a much longer entry about wealth and income inequality, I came upon a question that I couldn’t answer: how did it begin?

Texas Is About To Say ‘Me Too!’ (2017 Legislative Session)

For everyone across the nation who wondered why the Texas legislature wasn’t in the news much this year — specifically, during all the media frenzy about civil rights — it’s not because Texas decided to stop being regressive. It’s because the Texas legislature, by law, does not meet in even-numbered years (except for limited 30-day[…]

Do The Math

The meme insinuates we should be able to pay for health care with $2 billion This meme popped into my Facebook timeline three separate times this weekend. It says (I’ve fixed the all-caps issue): “Welcome to America where we will spend $2 billion on an election, but we can’t afford to give everyone free healthcare.”[…]

Considering ‘Guaranteed Basic Income’

Have you heard of “Basic Income”? It’s not a terribly new idea, but has crept back into the news lately, mostly due to fears that VERY SOON automation will render millions of jobs obsolete. The idea of a guaranteed basic income is simple enough: with money raised from vastly increased taxes, the government will cut[…]

Why There Will Be Another Economic Collapse

Part of Manhattan, as seen from Ellis Island Many of the world’s finance firms are headquartered here (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) Reading the histories of economic crises in U.S. history is kind of like watching a merry-go-round or carousel. The same exact initial characteristics keep showing up, followed by the same economic[…]

No To Minimum Wage, Because: Soldiers

An actual letter to the editor Click image to see larger Click here to see source This one isn’t actually a “meme”, per se, but it is being shared as one on social media, so I’ll have a go at it in this edition of Silly Meme Saturday. (Click the image at right to see[…]

Paradis, USA

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Published on: 2016.04.01

In the crawl space above our house (not big enough to be called an “attic”), I was recently storing a few items, and noticed two old file boxes. Checking their contents, I found more old letters, school records, school assignments, and more. I brought the boxes down and put them in my office. Today, I[…]

Rethinking ‘Redistribution Of Wealth’

Money (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) We see the phrase “redistribution of wealth” tossed into the political discourse. We’re supposed to assume it’s a bad thing. A few years ago, I began to wonder why. Here, I attempt to define it. All links to definitions are from the Oxford English Dictionary (U.S. version).

Another Pro Self-Driving Cars Entry

My nephew at the controls (Copyright © 2006 by Wil C. Fry.) Today I was reading the comments under NPR’s article “Should Self-Driving Cars Have Drivers Ready To Take Over?” The article itself didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said before, but the comment section — especially under their Facebook post — saw many readers[…]

Why I’m Against Flat Tax Proposals (Which I Once Supported)

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Published on: 2016.01.02

I once favored switching the U.S. to some type of flat tax plan. In 2005, I praised Steve Forbes’ tax proposal, though it wasn’t completely flat (the rich would pay more than the poor, under his slightly progressive rate suggestions). As late as 2013, I wrote: “We need to replace the decrepit Income Tax system[…]

What About A National Sales Tax?

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Published on: 2016.01.02

Since I no longer like the idea of a Flat Tax, what about a national sales tax? (Or, as some have called it, the “Fair Tax”.) Sometimes, a national sales tax looks attractive. It would incentivize savings, for example, because you won’t pay taxes unless you spend money. It also sounds fair — the rich[…]

Proposed Improvements To The U.S. Income Tax

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Published on: 2016.01.02

So, since I don’t like the flat tax or the national sales tax — or what we have now — then what would I do (assuming I had carte blanche) with the tax laws? Glad you asked.

New York Times Pushes Anti-Recycling Claptrap

Week in and week out, Americans throw away piles of garbage, much of which could be recycled. This material ends up in landfills, many of which are not sealed. (Copyright © 2011 by Wil C. Fry.) An Oct. 3 op-ed in the New York Times (here) proclaims: “…[C]ities have been burying garbage for thousands of[…]

Strawman: A Logical Fallacy Explained

Seen this meme posted by your conservative friends? It’s a classic strawman fallacy. Click here to see it larger. Ah the strawman, my least favorite logical fallacy. As luck would have it, I was considering a blog entry — or series of them — about the various logical fallacies used in political and religious debates,[…]

Solving Moral / Ethical Dilemmas

A house in rural Oklahoma (Copyright © 2007 by Wil C. Fry.) Many people are uncomfortable with hypothetical ethical dilemmas (some examples). I’ve run into a few people who haven’t heard the term, and others who were first made aware of the idea in high school. I first heard of them in fifth grade, when[…]

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