Movie Review: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

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Published on: 2005.06.11

Mr. & Mrs. Smith was better than I’d expected. Granted, I wasn’t expecting much — just some shoot ’em up with what passes for “wit” these days. But it was better than that, and just what I needed for my mood. It *was* witty, and full of action — some of it original sequences, not just your average secret agent crap.

There was a shoot-out in a home-furnishing store, which I liked — who hasn’t wanted to shoot up one of those? JUST KIDDING! (maybe.) And the car chase where they talk about their *real* pasts. Guess which character brought fake parents to their wedding?

Anyway, I won’t give away too much, not like the newspaper reviews did. I’m nicer than that. But, if you’re into not-so-intellectual spy movies with a cute romantic twist, then this one might be for you. Brad Pitt is effective as always. Angelina Jolie, though skinnier than usual (too much dieting?) still has her riveting eyes and that smile that reminds one of the cat that just ate the canary.

Take care, and don’t mind my mood swings. I’m just exhausted.

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