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Published on: 2010.05.19

I just read a story on (here’s the story) called “China knife attack wounds 9 students.”

For some odd reason, it reminded me of another recent news story with a very similar headline, except the word “gun” was in the headline instead of “knife.”

That older story (which I can’t find right now, but you’ve seen them before) had hundreds of comments underneath, calling for stricter control of guns, or outright bans of firearms.

Read the story I linked to above, but replace “knife” with “gun” and replace “slashed” with “shot at,” and see how it makes you feel. Does the gun story make you want to ban guns?

Then why doesn’t the knife story make you want to ban knives? Seriously, think about it. I see these stories all the time, and no one’s seriously calling for knives to be outlawed. But when you read the same story — except about guns — then all of a sudden we’re dealing with some kind of evil that needs to be banned from the face of the earth.

To me, both stories should evoke the same reaction. Either (1) you want to ban all objects that can be dangerous, or (2) you recognize that almost any object can be dangerous and therefore it would be silly to start banning all of them.

I know, some people will say, “But guns are *more* dangerous than knives.” So what? Knives are more dangerous than pencils. And pencils are more dangerous than pillows. But all of them can be used to kill you.

Someone might say, “But knives can serve a useful purpose in every day life, such as preparing meals.” (Or in my uncle’s case, cleaning his teeth.) Sure, but can knives get the food into your kitchen as efficiently as guns?

Note that some places already do ban both knives and guns, such as airports, schools, etc. But the TSA hasn’t yet banned pencils or pillows, so maybe they aren’t paying enough attention.

  1. MamaOlive says:

    Actually, knives are all but outlawed in England. You have to be over 18 to purchase any sharp object, including kitchen knives, and you aren't allowed to carry any blade over 3 inches on your person. ANY type of blade will get you an automatic arrest if you are involved in any disturbance. I still have my pocket knife, but I keep it in my desk now instead of my diaper bag. If something needs cutting while I'm out, I have to make do with fingernail clippers.

  2. Wil says:

    Ah. Well, I guess Britons weren't commenting on (which makes sense). :-)

    I guess pencils and pillows are next on the UK ban list…

    And I applaud them for being consistent, if a little over-protective.

  3. says:

    I don't really look to England as a bastion of civil liberties.

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