Dear Alabama: You Have A White People Problem

Just look at the statistics from last night’s election in Alabama:

Election Results By Race/Sex
In Alabama last night, black people — especially black women — made the right choice. White people? Not so much. Especially white men.

As I’ve mentioned before, Alabama gun-toter Roy Moore wasn’t the worst candidate purely because of accusations of diddling teens half a century ago. Even without that, he would have been by far the worst candidate. He was a twice-failed judge, removed from an elected judicial position for orneriness — disobeying federal court orders (“failure to comply with the law and avoid impropriety”). He openly flouted the Constitution when he attempted to install Christianity as the official religion of Alabama. His open bigotry — toward LGBTQ people, Muslims, non-white people, non-Christians, and women — has never been in question. He even went on record saying America would be better off without all Constitutional amendments after the 10th and that the U.S. was at its “greatest” prior to the abolition of slavery.

This is the worst possible candidate.

But white people — especially white men — voted for him in droves yesterday. Herds of white men rushed to vote for this theocratic bigot and flocks of white women followed after — apparently in jest, because Moore favors only men being able to vote.

Until that moment, I have never been tempted to be ashamed of being white. But… good grief, Alabama white people.

Keep in mind that Moore holds zero policy positions superior to his opponent Doug Jones. Zero. There was literally no good reason to vote for Moore.

Other demographic separations were informative as well, but the only one that showed as wide a divide as black-white was party affiliation:

Election Results By Party
Democrats showed themselves to be well-informed, moral voters in Alabama yesterday, while more than 90% of Republicans held up metaphorical signs saying “I’m evil”. I was disappointed in the Independent voters — because I count myself among them. There was only an eight-percent margin among independents, barely favoring Jones.

When divided by age, Alabama voters proved that young people are better than old people — but not by much.

Election Results By Age
In Alabama, people aged 18 to 44 voted for Doug Jones at a rate of about 60%, while people my age and older tended in the other direction. About 6 in 10 senior citizens voted for the anti-Constitution, pro-bigot candidate.

When asked about religion, it again turned out to be the “born-again Christians” who favored evil — just as they did during the Donald Trump election.

Election Results By Religion
Especially white Christians favored Moore, who was once banned from a shopping mall for suspicious activity and who laughingly waves guns around at campaign stops.

When education levels were under consideration, there was a 20% gap among white people. Those whites without a college degree exuberantly devoted themselves to their golden calf, while whites with a college degree were less enthusiastic but still supported the worst possible candidate. Non-white people, apparently in an effort at self-preservation, voted well despite their level of education.

Election Results By Education
Nonwhite people in Alabama are smarter than white people in Alabama, regardless of education level.

And here’s one more look at the race division, this time without division by sex/gender:

Election Results By Race
White people have some explaining to do.

So, the next time you’re tempted to claim “the media” is responsible for the racial divide in the United States, I hope you think back to these election results. It is white people who are responsible for the racial divide. Period.

I admit I’ve been slow to pick up on how different it is to live in this country for people of color. But I will never again be surprised when a black man or black woman sees me and reacts with suspicion.

  1. These people are an embarrassment to the human race. White supremacist theocrats who would have been right at home in the colonies in 1750 think they still should be running things today. It’s sickening. It’s also sad how many of us were surprised that Doug Jones won — it means we KNOW how shitty our country is, because we expected a million Alabama voters to lean toward Moore.

    There is also the temptation to shrug it off as “this is the south” or “what do you expect; it’s Alabama”, but this is splitting hairs. Donald Trump got significant portions of the vote in EVERY state in this country. The bluest state in the 2016 election was Hawaii, where racism won 30% of the election. It was more than 30% in Vermont, California, Oregon, New York, etc. States that should have gone 90-10 or at least 80-20. And racism got more than 65% of the vote in Oklahoma, Wyoming, and West Virginia.

    I saw your tweet this morning. I too tender my resignation as a white male, if anyone will accept it. I will PERFECTLY understand if people of color around me are suspicious. We have failed them repeatedly.

  2. Dana says:

    I don’t think this claim is particularly true: “Keep in mind that Moore holds zero policy positions superior to his opponent Doug Jones. Zero. There was literally no good reason to vote for Moore.”

    As liberal Democrats we can make that claim. But if I was religious (specifically, a Conservative Christian) then I would not find the above sentence to be true. Doug Jones is a pro-choice candidate. That policy position aligns with my own personal politics, but if I were a Republican I would not view a pro-choice candidate to have an equal or superior policy position with respect to an anti-choice candidate. For many religious Christians, they will not vote for a candidate who is not anti-choice. For them, Moore’s position with regard to a women’s right to control her own body is far superior to Jones’.

    That being said, I just don’t understand how a Christian can support a pedophile. It’s not enough to dismiss the women’s claims as lies – he was actually banned from a public Mall for inappropriate behavior. I just don’t understand what their preachers are teaching on Sundays.

  3. Wil C. Fry says:

    Ugh! My long, well-thought out comment was eaten. Sad face.

    The gist of it was:

    I understand your point. But… Pro-lifers want to reduce abortion. Banning it doesn’t reduce it; just makes it less safe for women. Known ways to reduce abortion: reduce poverty, make contraception & family planning available and affordable, and have comprehensive sex ed in schools. So even for a pro-lifer (who’s ever thought about it) shouldn’t vote for Moore.

    As for your last paragraph: I really think they just don’t believe victims. (This was also longer, but now I’m short on time.)

    As always, I value your input and that you challenge my assertions. :-)

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