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Several topics floated around recently, but nothing I really wanted to write on at length — on the off-chance anyone was wondering: “Why hasn’t Wil blogged lately?”

• Time Travel:

Because I began binge watching DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow, and recently finished Season 1 of Silicon Valley (which included this line: “Time is a sphere, and I have been reincarnated during the same time period in which I exist!”) — the latter of which is a much better show.

Of all the Time Travel variations in fiction, the paradigm in “Legends” is the worst. It’s similar to Back To The Future rules, but worse. Someone punching your past self causes injuries to your current self, for example. Scars would make sense, but bruises? C’mon.

• Roy Moore

Former disgraced Alabama judge Roy Moore is running in a special election against Doug Jones for Jeff Sessions’ vacated senate seat in Alabama.

Well before this week’s allegations, Moore was known as a very poor example of a human being. A self-professed bigot, Moore hates Muslims, gays, lesbians, and non-Christians of all stripes. His foundation hosts neo-Confederacy speeches and he claims Obama is a secret Muslim born in Kenya. He’s been dismissed from the Alabama Supreme Court twice — both times for ignoring federal court orders. All of this is probably why Alabamans love him so much.

His opponent, Jones, is also an attorney, best known for successfully prosecuting the 1963 church bombing case in which four African-American girls were killed by white supremacists.

Currently, the national discussion is about allegations that Moore fiddled with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32 years old. Unsurprisingly, some Christians jumped to Moore’s defense by invoking Mary and Joseph (of biblical fame). It’s a weird defense to make since the Bible never says Mary and Joseph “got it on”, just that they were married after Mary became pregnant via a much older being.

To me, the most disturbing thing about all this is that Moore was leading the polls before the allegations. I can’t find a single thing in his resume that recommends him for any public office, much less as one of the few hundred most powerful people in the nation. I doubt Republican Christians in Alabama will be swayed much by accusations that he’s a pervert.

• Jim Beam and Mila Kunis

I haven’t had a sip of Jim Beam in about 20 years, nor did I know Mila Kunis was a spokesperson for the company. But apparently the fact that Kunis is a decent person has angered regressives. Fans of regressive failed governor Mike Pence say they’re boycotting Jim Beam because Kunis has donated to Planned Parenthood “in Pence’s name”.

Of all the reasons I’ve heard to boycott a company, this is probably the second-stupidest (the stupidest being boycotting Starbucks because they didn’t explicitly promote Christianity on their cups during a pagan holiday season). Can you imagine being so miffed by a company’s spokesperson donating to a good cause that you’d boycott? I can’t. Now if she had donated to the Daughters of the Confederacy or some other shitty organization, I could see boycotting.

(Also, is this a good time to mention that Mila Kunis has long been one of my celebrity crushes? No? Okay then. Never mind.)

• Bible Review

I’ve also been enjoying Anderon Connor’s “short” reviews of the books of the Bible, which he’s putting up on his new blog here. So far, he’s made it through the book of Joshua and says he plans to review every book in the Bible.

(I “met” Anderson on Facebook a couple of years ago. He’s a lifelong atheist, reading the Bible at the suggestion of a Christian coworker.)

  1. Dana says:

    I like this new “blog-lite” style.

    • Wil C. Fry says:

      It certainly fits me better during times/moods when I’m not willing/able to intensely research a single topic. :-)

      But the phrases: “Time Travel, Roy Moore, Mila Kunis / Jim Beam, and Anderson Connors” sound like a great starting point for a movie script or impromptu fiction-writing spree (if I had the time).

      After bingeing on Jim Beam, Anderson Connors falls into a time warp with heroine Mila Kunis. Together they work to thwart the demon Roy Moore from ever gaining power in Alabama.

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