Bigly Disappointment

My lack of impassioned political blogging over the past (particular time period) should not be mistaken for an indication that my passion is fading. It is perhaps an indication that I just don’t know what to write about it anymore.

I do know that I’m disappointed in a few contacts on social media who have begun to retreat behind the “don’t bother me with political stuff” tropes. I have continued to bother them with political stuff. I don’t understand people who think politics is somehow separate from real life. I don’t know how full-grown adults can retreat into a mental cave and convince themselves that politics is happening “over there in D.C.” and should be ignored.

Of course, I’m much more disappointed in SCROTUS, and his co-dependent enablers in Congress. Day after day, the detestable person whose name will inexplicably appear in many future history books is signing away the progress we built for years, especially on the environmental front. That’s when he’s actually doing his job. When he’s not, he’s tweeting about imaginary wire taps in the hotel (which he still profits from) and irrelevant television shows (which he still profits from).

But I’m even more disappointed by the silence of the conservatives in my circles. I don’t know whether they’re feeling buyer’s remorse yet, or if they ever will. Perhaps they quit watching the news after the election, so they’re unaware of Twitler‘s ongoing feuds with his own sanity and common decency, or his regular attempts to boost his own ego by repeatedly posting about how bigly he is. Maybe they don’t know who he’s appointed to various cabinet positions, or that the GOP-controlled Senate has confirmed every nomination so far. Yet I had held out the forlorn hope that some of them would have at least expressed some form of dismay by now, something along the lines of: “This isn’t quite what I was expecting.”

I don’t feel hypocritical in saying so. Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate I ever publicly advocated for who actually won. And I publicly noted when he went awry. In 2012, I pointed out the bungling response to the Benghazi attacks. I called him out for failing to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay and for accepting Super Pac money after saying he wouldn’t. I posted in 2013 about his ACA lies (and again), and about the overall failure of the ACA to solve the root of America’s healthcare problems. I criticized Obama’s stance on Edward Snowden, which was two-faced at best. In 2014, I complained about Obama’s over-the-top prosecution of whistleblowers and his willingness to wink and shrug at Wall Street’s malfeasance. I griped about Obama appointing a political donor and former telecom lobbyist to head the FCC, despite promising that he wouldn’t. I called him out for contradicting himself on “settled law”, even though it wasn’t the biggest news of the day.

And those were just a few blog entries I could find in a quick search of my site.

But, to date, I haven’t seen anything from any GOP voter decrying 45’s hospitalization-level behavior. Not one. They all seem to be okay with this. And that’s what has me in the doldrums this weekend.

  1. I think you’re not hearing anything because they are getting exactly what they wanted. The most intelligent businessman on the planet (their view) putting the best people (their view) in charge of cabinet positions whose primary focus is to reduce the size and complexity of government (their view). The fake stories (their view) about chaos and tirades are just smoke screens to keep people from seeing how well he’s actually doing his job. If you listened to real news people like Breitbart (their view), you’d understand.

    • Wil C. Fry says:

      Possibly. But I have this self-defeating penchant for thinking “they can’t be all bad”. It’s served me poorly for the most part, but I still do it. :-/

      As for Breitfart, I check it occasionally, just to see the ridiculous and inflammatory headlines. I’m sure if I read it regularly, my intelligence level would downshift from “guy who can stand up and breathe at the same time” to “roams street corners with religious signs”.

  2. Dana says:

    Meh – I’m more disappointed with the left than the right. I keep waiting for someone charismatic or a liberal Champion to emerge to give the left some direction.

    I never expected the right to criticize or stand-up to Trump. He’s their puppet. They’re handily pushing through their very conservative agenda; as long as Trump is busy tweeting he’s not under their feet or in their way.

    I’ve developed a news and current events malaise because I can’t shake the feeling that this isn’t just an American thing. Every headline I read shows that what is playing out in the country is also happening everywhere in Europe. The entire planet has swung right. I just can’t conceive of a path (short of another world war or international financial collapse) that leads back to the left anytime soon. I’m not living like an ostrich with my head in the sand, but I’m not paying all that much attention to news on a national or international level, either.

    • Wil C. Fry says:

      That too.

      On the other hand, I don’t know that I’m looking for a “savior” to ride forth from the left like Obama did a couple of years prior to his ’08 run. I guess I just want more run-of-the-mill people — my peers — to start waking up.

      Perhaps some of my melancholy is due to living inside a conservative bubble. Not counting internet contacts and my wife, everyone I interact with is either completely disengaged from politics or completely under the spell of the GOP (and/or a megachurch).


  3. >> feeling buyer’s remorse yet << This is exactly what's happening. It's an embarrassment and a catastrophe that they are humiliated to have caused. They have slunk off into silence, hoping this memes and cheers will be forgotten.

    • Wil C. Fry says:


      Maybe if they hadn’t lofted him and his crew as messiahs of sorts, they wouldn’t have to feel such shame now. (< <-- this is a lesson liberals could learn too.)

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