July 2015: Warmest On Record

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Published on: 2015.08.14

According to both NASA (here) and the Japan Meteorological Agency (here), July 2015 was the warmest ever recorded, globally. Discover Magazine says it’s likely that 2015 will break last year’s new record of warmest year. According to Accuweather, three previous Julys were very close: 2011, 2009 and 1998.

The first seven months of 2015 are already hotter than the first seven months of 2014, which were a record at the time.

In case you missed my previous entries: June was the hottest on record, May and April were each the second-warmest, March was the warmest on record, and February and January were each the second-warmest.

As this news keeps rolling in, month after month, climate deniers are no longer content just denying. Now they want to cut NASA’s budget so it can’t even collect this information any more. So they’ve switched from “we don’t know” to “we don’t WANT to know”, which is even worse.

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