June 2015: Hottest June Ever

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Published on: 2015.07.26

Another in a string of record-breaking months for global temperature averages, June 2015 is officially the warmest June on record, according to the NOAA. It’s true if you only count land temperatures, or if you only count ocean temperatures, or if you add them together. The previous record holder was June 2014.

Combined averages for the first six months of 2015 are the warmest ever recorded, beating out the same period in 2010, according to National Geographic.

This comes after 2014 was listed as the warmest year on record, causing some to say that 2015 is likely to beat last year’s record. We will wait and see. Even if it doesn’t take the top spot, 2015 will be among the hottest years since global record-keeping began in the late 1880s.

American scientists who study ocean temperatures are now saying that the rise in ocean temperatures will continue even if we stopped pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere today.

“Even if we were to freeze greenhouse gases at current levels, the sea would actually continue to warm for centuries and millennia, and as they continue to warm and expand the sea levels will continue to rise,” said Greg Johnson, an oceanographer at Noaa’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory.

Even muscular Republicans are starting to believe the thermometers.

  1. Wil, when are you going to realize that in 40 years you can tell the starving billions of people that Megacorp had a pretty good profit margin in the second quarter of 2015?

    • Wil C. Fry says:

      Yes, that is definitely the upside of our current situation. Since companies that profit from oil, coal, natural gas, plastics, deforestation for cattle raising, etc., are not required to count the true cost of their activities, they are able to rake in record profits, filling the coffers of their CEOs and shareholders, most of whom can live comfortable lives in beautifully inefficient homes, air conditioned to the hilt. Even if their estates are close to sea level, they can count on taxpayers to keep dumping sand along the shorelines, build dikes and levees, and bail them out when the surges flood the property.

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