May 2015: Second-Warmest On Record (TIE)

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Published on: 2015.06.16

Last month tied May 2012 for the second-warmest May of all time (behind May 2014).

In case you’re keeping score, last year was the warmest year on record. This year, January, February, April, and May have each taken second place — and March was the warmest March ever.

Combined, that means 2015 is already on track to break 2014’s record as warmest year. January through May this year have been the hottest first five months of any year ever recorded.

Someone asked: “So why talk about month temperatures or even annual temperatures? Isn’t climate about long-term trends?”

The reason is to debunk the whole “pause” or “hiatus” theory (which has already been solidly debunked) for people who are still hanging onto tendrils of denial.

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