Space Is Observable

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Published on: 2014.04.10

I’ve read that vast numbers of Bible Belt conservatives are upset with Cosmos because it keeps mentioning science and how religion opposed science in the early days, which I think is really sad.

Full Moon
The Moon
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You can’t honestly tell the story of astronomy, space travel, or just about any kind of scientific discovery without mentioning how badly these men (mostly men) were persecuted by not only organized religion, but also by average persons who believed that studying stuff was anti-God. And secondly, Bible Belt conservatives ought to know by now that science itself doesn’t (directly) oppose religion, despite how often some discoveries have upset the apple cart of preconceived ideas (Earth revolves around the Sun, for example; learning that shouldn’t upset anyone’s faith, but apparently it does.)

It’s okay to be a Christian/Muslim/whatever AND acknowledge observable, measurable phenomena. :-)

Unlike my Creation-Evolution entry from yesterday, much of what happens in the sky is observable by anyone with eyes — though it helps if you have a telescope and/or camera, some basic math skills, and a desire to gather knowledge regardless of what it might mean. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it, at least not for most of it.

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