Undividing: One Place To Start

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Published on: 2014.02.08

I can’t swear to the accuracy of all these designs, but the ones in the states I’ve visited in the past decade or so are accurate.

Much like my calendar reform idea, I espouse other ideas that I know will never be implemented, but they make a lot of sense (to me, anyway). One of those is the lessening of emphasis on states in the U.S., with a greater emphasis on united.

Without completely scrapping the Constitution — which makes it pretty clear that the States are separate entities — we can’t just do away with them, and that’s not what I’m arguing for. But I see a lot of wasted energy and money when each separate state does its own thing.

The image above (from this Tweet) is just one minor example of this wasted effort. Every state has designed its own peculiar highway sign. Every state contracts with someone to have these signs manufactured.

Wouldn’t it save some money to have this all done by the same agency? Does every state need a unique highway sign design?

Note: There are a lot of instances of “government waste” that are actually necessary or useful, depending on your point of view. This is one of those things that I can’t see a reason for, regardless of a person’s political viewpoint.

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