Nights in Rodanthe (2008)

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Published on: 2009.02.23

After the excellence of The Notebook, my wife and I figured “Nights in Rodanthe” would be a nice romantic movie. Nicholas Sparks writes decent novels, and so we thought we’d be in for a treat.

We were wrong.

Richard Gere and Diane Lane delivered plastic and clichéd performances that were made much worse by poor editing and even worse screenplay writing.

Not only did the film detour so far from the book as to be almost unrecognizable, but the new story was badly delivered. There was little-to-no character development, to begin with. You just jump into these people’s lives — badly managed lives that are supposedly on the mend — and are supposed to sympathize with them immediately. Didn’t happen.

Then, you’re supposed to believe that these two strangers have a great romance just because they’re caught in a hurricane together.

There are scenes throughout the movie that a normal editor would have cut, because they’re either redundant or useless. Just for example: near the end, there’s a scene with a guy leaving the house. Several seconds of film are wasted as he walks away from the front door, and then the door is closed. Absolutely unnecessary. The scene doesn’t advance the story, doesn’t convey emotion. Why is it there at all?

And these types of wasted scenes are found throughout the movie.

If you’re bored, and need something to watch, it’s okay, I guess, but don’t expect too much from Nights in Rodanthe.

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