The Basic Fallacy Of The Bible

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Published on: 2002.11.21

[I originally wrote this in the back cover of my copy of Stranger In A Strange Land, by Robert A. Heinlein. Nov. 21, 2002.]

The basic fallacy of the Bible — in its present, English form — is that it makes God necessarily responsible for all good and — at the same time — all evil. Never mind the minor inconsistencies that many atheists or agnostics paraphrase to their own ends — these are inconsequential, and appear in most major religious literary works.

However, the basic theme of the Bible is that He is all-powerful, in full control, and that He manufactured everything. An addendum to this theme in the Bible is that God is infallible and cannot err. It follows, therefore, that every evil and malicious force in the universe springs from God, at His bidding, in His will, and with His foreknowledge. According to the Bible, it is His fault.

It is humanism, not Christianity, that places the blame on man, for — in humanistic theory — there is no God, and man has accomplished all his feats without any prodding from deity. Therefore, in humanism and in atheism, mankind is to blame, not God.

Take your pick.

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