Four Sheets to the Wind (2007)

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Published on: 2008.02.18

IMDb: Four Sheets to the Wind
Wikipedia: (No Page)
Rating: R
(language, brief nudity)
Length: 81 min (1:20)
Director: Sterlin Harjo
Genre: Drama
My Rating: 6 of 10
Family Friendly: Liberal use of the “F word,” and one brief shadowy nude scene.
Despite the obvious low-budget nature of this movie, the story was compelling, sometimes funny, and felt very “home-like” for an Oklahoma native like me.

Cody Lightning, Tamara Podemski, Jeri Arredondo, Laura Bailey, Christian Kane


Several reviews I’ve read on this movie are sincerely incorrect. Many of them state that the main character, Cufe Smallhill, lives on a reservation. It’s not true. He lives in southeast Oklahoma, in a regular house, on regular land, near a regular town. If the movie had been set in New Mexico, or South Dakota, maybe he would have been on a reservation.

Anyway, back to the film.

Cufe discovers his father’s body after an intentional overdose. That’s how the movie starts out. The film follows Cufe through the next few days or weeks, as he and his family deal with the death in their own particular way.

Cufe travels to Tulsa to see his sister Miri, and meets her neighbor Francie, with whom he begins to fall in love.

The entire movie is slow-paced, almost giving the viewer a feeling of real-time. The filming was done with low-cost cameras and film, and this is evident while viewing. Also, some of the acting feels a little forced. However, these are the only down-sides.

Most of the scenery is amazingly real, at least to someone who’s been to the places in the movie. Having lived much of my life in eastern Oklahoma, I recognized the lay of the land, since the movie was filmed on location in Wewoka, Holdenville, Tulsa, and other actual places.

The music fits the film well. The tracks aren’t well-known, which is a plus in my book; it means they don’t distract from the story.

Every scene felt like something that might actually happen.

Of course, I’m biased, just a little bit. I’ve interviewed the director for our local newspaper, a few years ago, and I’ve talked to his mother several times. (I mention this in the interest of full disclosure.)

The film may not be of interest to the average movie goer. But, for those looking for something different, something relaxing, and a story that gives you a good feeling, this might just do the trick.

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