Idiocracy (2006)

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Published on: 2007.07.25

IMDb: Idiocracy
Wikipedia: Idiocracy
Rating: R
(language and sex-related humor)
Length: 84 minutes (1:24)
Director: Mike Judge
Genre: Sci-Fi / Adventure / Comedy
My Rating: 8 of 10
Family Friendly: Not really.
The fact that Fox had poor test-screenings for this film just proves that they’re screening it with the wrong people.

Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Justin Long, Terry Crews (as the President of the United States)

Reportedly, Fox experienced disastrous test-screenings of this film, causing an extremely limited release with almost no advertisement. Basically, for most of us, it went “straight to video.”

This is sad, because the movie contains a message that most of us need to see. The message is simple: the future sucks.

Idiocracy begins with the visual description of a simple math equation. Two professional, competent people are introduced, and graphics on the screen show how many children they’re likely to produce: one (or zero in some cases).

College-educated, hard-working, intelligent, attractive, these people are more likely to work their lives away and find little time for bearing or rearing children. If they do, two offspring would be the max.

The film then introduces us to a couple that appears to be in-bred. Neither the man or the woman is attractive, nor do they regularly groom themselves. They work at blue collar jobs, if at all, draining society with food stamps and welfare. They’re not smart, they’re not attractive, and they accomplish very little, other than producing tons of children.

Sadly, this mirrors society today.

But Idiocracy takes it to the next level, following this math equation into the future.

Genetically, the line of descendants of the two competent people will be very thin, with each successive generation producing just one or two children. On the other hand, the two folks with no education (and no capacity for education) have produced a houseful of kids. Each generation multiplies by six or eight.

So, 500 years in the future, guess how many people are smart, and how many are dumb? That’s right. The smart genes have been purged by society, by simple evolutionary rules.

And it’s not just the human gene pool that’s been destroyed in the five centuries. Everything else has gone to pot as well. Following current trends of our throwaway society, the movie predicts that the year 2505 will see America’s cities falling apart, surrounded by mountain ranges of garbage.

But the story is relatively simple, and a little silly. Luke Wilson plays a simple Army man who’s ordered to participate in the test of a cryogenic freezing device. Maya Rudolph is a prostitute who’s paid to be the female test subject.

They were supposed to be frozen for a year, but things go awry with the project’s management while they’re in the deep sleep. When the capsules are finally found, and Wilson and Rudolph awake, it’s the year 2505.

What they realize is that they’re pretty much the two smartest people on earth.

After wading through piles of garbage and human stupidity, the two main characters are finally called upon to save the nation.

If you find yourself watching this, and thinking “These actors are over-acting the stupidity of these characters,” then I urge you to take a closer look at the people in America today. Pay attention when your coworkers or neighbors talk, and realize that our world is headed exactly where this movie says it is.

I hope you’re fortunate and don’t know anyone stupid enough to be represented in this movie. But their numbers are growing rapidly.

  1. Anonymous says:

    so the morale of the story is…

    Smart people of the world, you need to get your Mojo back. Your love of money is damning us to a future of planet of the apes, except we BECOME the apes.

    So in summary, smart people need to get horny, or we need to exterminate stupid people.

    Here is a plan. Fine the smartest 10 percent for not having babies(presumably also among the wealthier), and give incentives to the dumbest 10 % not to have babies.

  2. Wil says:

    I second the motion.

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