Knocked Up (2007)

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Published on: 2007.06.03

IMDb: Knocked Up
Wikipedia: Knocked Up
Rating: R
(Sexual content, drug use, and language)
Length: 129 minutes (2:09)
Director: Judd Apatow
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
My Rating: 9 (of 10)
Family-friendly: Definitely not.

Since I’ve seen an average of about one movie per day for the last 12 years or so, you’d think I wouldn’t be shocked by a movie.

But Knocked Up shocked me in a couple of places. I think the earliest shock was when Ryan Seacrest used the F-word. Not once, but twice!

Aside from the shockingly realistic use of the King’s English, and a little more of a birthing sequence than I really wanted to see, the movie was fantastic.

Basically, it’s about a guy, Ben Stone (Seth Rogen ), and a girl, Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), who hook up one night at a bar, when they’re both a little intoxicated, and then they get it on back at her place. Being drunk, and a little overeager, they forego protection and — WOOPS! — she ends up pregnant.

Trying to do the right thing, they attempt a relationship, which lasts longer than it probably should have, mainly because they’re both relatively nice people.

Sounds a little boring when it’s said that way, doesn’t it? Sounds like a chick-flick.

But it’s not.

Stone’s cast of friends is a ridiculous collection of bums, stoners, and bachelors, and he himself is unemployed, drugged out and without focus in life. This is in contrast to Scott, who’s on the up-and-up, working for a television network, and has definite goals in her life.

The clash between the two people — who aren’t similar in any way — is hilarious. And it’s made funnier by the interaction with Scott’s sister (Leslie Mann) and husband (Paul Rudd), who aren’t doing too well together either.

What makes it so out-there funny is that you probably know people like this, and these are some of the things they’ve probably thought or said — or at least would think or say if they were in such a situation.

It was funny, sad, thought-provoking — all at the same time, and there’s never a dull moment.

The writing and direction, both by Judd Apatow, were superb.

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