ITN: Love Is Already Legal

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Published on: 2012.07.09

In the News:
Can Google “Legalize” Love? (NBC Bay Area)
Google pushes for gay rights with ‘Legalize Love’ campaign (CNN)
Google pushes all countries to ‘Legalize Love’ (Digital Media Wire)

Google’s employees could’ve used their own search engine to learn that love is actually already legal everywhere. There are no laws prohibiting love.

As many married and unmarried people (both gay and straight) already know, love and marriage are barely related. One does sometimes lead to the other, but not always. And one sometimes kills the other, but not always.

Possibly what Google meant was “Legalize Gay Marriage”, which turns out to be the point of their misnamed campaign.

My stance on that political issue, by the way, is the absolute least popular stance, of all the possible stances on that issue. I think all marriage should be un-legalized. Marriage is a family issue, or (for many) a religious issue, or a personal issue. The government doesn’t need to be involved in anyone’s marriage.

The popular argument critiquing my stance is: “But what about [divorce / property / alimony / child support / child custody / etc.]?” All of those could be (and in many places already can be) dealt with regardless of marital status. It’s just fine to have laws about child custody, paying child support, paying alimony, dividing property, and so on. Marriage doesn’t need to be covered.

EDIT: I’ve since changed my stance, as regular readers know. While I do still think the correct way to handle it would have been the method I iterated above, it is not the most efficient, based on our current system. It would require a reworking of laws in all 50 states and other territories, and regulations for dispensing benefits from a thousand companies and federal agencies. It is simpler to keep the existing structure and simply change “man” and “woman” to “spouse” on every piece of paperwork.

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