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I’ve Never Had This Many Boring Dreams In A Row

Cotton Candy Dream This photoshopped version of a photo of the Oklahoma sky has always seemed vaguely dreamlike to me. (Copyright © 2005 by Wil C. Fry.) While some people rarely remember their dreams and other people seem to recall all of them, I’m somewhere in the middle. Typically, I have full dream recall every[…]


Four days in one entry: construction behind us, mortgage progress, Pi Day


Today’s sunset — first clouds we’ve seen in a week (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   In this entry: ➤ 6 images from today ➤ Notes on the day ➤ 6 images from “same day, different year”

2014.09.09: Notes

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Published on: 2014.09.09

MRB went to Story Time in the morning; otherwise stayed at home all day. I watched Expendables 3 in the theater; enjoyed it. I watched Her at home in the evening; was really impressed. I’d actually been expecting to invoke the 30-minute rule; every preview and trailer I’d seen told me the movie would be[…]

2014.03.01: Parks, Playdates, and Perfect Weather

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Published on: 2014.03.01

Multi-image composite of this evening’s sunset (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.) In this entry: 13 images ➤ Perfect weather ➤ Playdate at the park ➤ Rough evening ➤ B’s walkathon ➤ Same day, different year  

2014.02.10: First Step

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Published on: 2014.02.10

In this entry: 5 images ➤ B’s first step ➤ Notes on the day ➤ Same day, different year  

Sept. 30, 2012: Much Walking

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Published on: 2012.09.30

Cool (upper 60s) and cloudy all morning; 70s in the afternoon. In the afternoon, Rebecca walked to our neighborhood playground (3/10 mile) three different times, though we ended up carrying her most of the way back each time. She also pushed her small stroller to the mailbox and most of the way back. She loved[…]

First Walking Video

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Published on: 2011.10.09

After several days of Rebecca walking, this is the first video I was able to get. She kept avoiding the camera until I sneaked up on her. (1 video after the jump)

Walks in the Park

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Published on: 2010.03.11

After really heavy thunderstorms on Monday afternoon, the weather has been near-perfect here in Killeen. On both Tuesday and Wednesday, my wife and I took walks in the park after she got home from work. Each time, we walked for about an hour. The air was about 75°F. On Wednesday, we had ice cream at[…]

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