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Day Trip: Austin (2016.04.19)

The old Seaholm Power Plant, with new residential high-rises beyond it (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   The Cheesecake Factory, Austin (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry.) It began a couple of weeks ago, when my wife learned that one of her cousins will soon move from Attleboro, Mass.[…]

2015.10.08.TH: Scarlet Fever, Dream, Ikea, etc.

Seven days in one entry:

2015.09.28.TH: New Journal Format

Four days in one entry:


Three days in one entry:


Two days in one entry:


Four days in one entry:


Three days in one entry: Stagecoach and other construction, Ikea trip, burn ban, dance/ballet, the boy


Three days in one entry: Water heater repair, new microwave, swim lessons,


Six days in one entry: M’s vacation, weather, swimming!, making friends, crying for no reason, anniversary, birthday in Watauga


Three days in one entry: more rain, strep, shopping, Thinkery


Three days in one entry: recovery, shopping, the neighbor’s weeds, Sedona glitch, newest Walmart, Birdman


Three days in one entry: picnic, Neon, gift card, bicycle shorts, debit card activation, washing cars, bluebonnet time,


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Published on: 2015.02.09

Beautiful today at 82°F, low of 51°F. Completely clear skies several days in a row. Slight breeze, medium humidity. So we had a picnic lunch (food from Sonic) at Lion’s Club Park, and then played at the playground until BW was about to fall asleep on his feet. In the morning, I evened M’s hair[…]


Marline wears my letter jacket (Copyright © 2005 by Wil C. Fry.) MRB to Story Time in the morning. Lunch at Subway. After BW’s nap (RL skipped hers), M took the kids to the Killeen Mall. RL bought a Frozen umbrella with her own money (first time she’s paid for something). M bought herself Christmas[…]


Warmer today: 65°F Visited downtown library (main branch) and the old/small H-E-B on Gray Street — we’d never been in there before. It’s about 1/8 the size of the ones where we normally shop for groceries. Maybe less than that. Afternoon: M took RL to Target and Sally’s for some “girl time” … Last time[…]

2015.01.02.FR: A Fifth Tooth

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Published on: 2015.01.02

BW cut his fifth tooth today, at 18 months, 3 weeks old. It was his right lower lateral incisor. (That particular tooth was RL’s eighth, and she had it when she was 14 months old. By BW’s current age, she had 12 teeth.) RnB woke me this morning, by the sounds of their playing. She[…]


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Published on: 2014.12.31

We spent the last day of the year at Ikea. Didn’t really need anything, but gas is cheap ($1.759 per gallon here) and the kids always enjoy Ikea. As expected, RnB enjoyed exploring the little rooms set up in the store. BW was overjoyed that we let him open refrigerators and ovens, and he never[…]


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Published on: 2014.12.29

I wanted to say “Thanks!” to all of you who’ve followed this blog, and especially to those who’ve commented: From a stats-keeping app associated with WordPress   I think the main thing we did today was shop at Target, though we also played outside for a good hour or so — it was over 60°F[…]


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Published on: 2014.12.26

RnB played very well today, mostly with their Xmas gifts. Mid-morning: I fixed RL’s hair — something I admit I usually don’t do — and took them out to get gas and groceries. Lines were too long at Sam’s Club gas station ($1.769 per gallon) and H-E-B ($1.799/gal.) so I filled up for $1.859 at[…]


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Published on: 2014.12.21

RL: 95% BW: 90% — one of the best days I’ve ever had with him After M got home, RL and I went to put gas in the minivan ($1.869 per gallon at Sam’s Club) and then shopped a little bit. She saw “Frozen” merchandise everywhere. It was literally on every aisle in the store.[…]

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