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Third Annual Galveston Vacation

The Four Of Us A helpful passerby made this photo of all four of us at Fort San Jacinto Historic Point on Galveston’s northeastern end. From this spot, one can watch massive ships going to and from the ports of both Galveston and Houston, or fish, or just enjoy the gentle breezes off the Gulf[…]

2015.09.28.TH: New Journal Format

Four days in one entry:


Four days in one entry: Forgot to mention, biology lesson from RL, fairy tale by RL, RL’s lunchtime spider adventure, construction, atheism commercial, RL’s ‘bidness’ empire


Three days in one entry: Stagecoach and other construction, Ikea trip, burn ban, dance/ballet, the boy

2015.06.25.TH (Solo Trip)

Three days in one entry, including my solo trip to Oklahoma


Sunday (1st): M was off work today, for a birthday party of a coworker’s daughter. We drove to Round Rock; the party was at Safari Champ, an indoor playground. Both kids had fun. I talked to the coworker’s father a bit, besides helping watch the kids. RnB enjoyed themselves immensely; B slept in my arms[…]


Warmer today: 65°F Visited downtown library (main branch) and the old/small H-E-B on Gray Street — we’d never been in there before. It’s about 1/8 the size of the ones where we normally shop for groceries. Maybe less than that. Afternoon: M took RL to Target and Sally’s for some “girl time” … Last time[…]


Received (and paid) our water bill today; we tied December 2011 for lowest usage since we’ve been in this house — which meant we had the highest per-gallon rate we’ve ever seen, since cities use the method of charging you more per gallon if you use less (which I believe is the opposite of what[…]

2014.11.11.TU: Day Trip to Watauga

(Sorry no photos for the past several days. They’re on Flickr, but I’ve been prioritizing my time and haven’t posted any here. Hopefully I’ll do that later today. It’s probably not a big issue since most of my family was on the road this weekend for my Uncle Gary’s memorial service in South Texas.) For[…]

2014.08.22: Notes

The kids were happy to be home; we could tell. They rediscovered their toys — and the TV. Neither watched an ounce of TV during our trip and it was obvious they’d missed it. Both ate well. RLF took a two-hour nap. BWF skipped his nap today — I think it’s his first no-nap day.[…]

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