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January 2017 Weather Summary (Local)

Trend lines for Augusts and Januaries, 2010-2017 (Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   January 2017 was our second-warmest January since moving to Killeen, Texas (follow the blue trend line in the image above), with a high-low average (HLA) of 54.89°F, second only to January 2012 — our warmest year in[…]

2014.01.06: The Coldifying

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Published on: 2014.01.06

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2013.12.07: Coldest Day Of The Year

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May 3, 2013: Cold Continues

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Published on: 2013.05.03

For the second day in a row we set a record low: 42°F today, before warming to our high of 69°F. Oddly enough, the record high for Killeen for May 3 was set last year, and the previous record low was set the previous year. In the morning, RLF and I went to Lowes to[…]

April 24, 2013

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Published on: 2013.04.24

Rebecca helped MF make cookies today, then she ate four of them. I went out while they worked on that and mostly just walked around Home Depot. When I got back, Rebecca was very proud of herself and explained the cookie-making process to me. Later, she carried an empty cookie sheet through the house, placing[…]

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