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What You Missed While We Were Apart

(This entry is primarily for old friends that have recently found me on social media. But I hope the rest of you get something out of this mini-biography too.) The Good Ole Days Records are unclear, but many eyewitnesses testified that I was always very, very sane and balanced. (circa 1989) In the past year[…]

Trip To Oklahoma : 2016.05.02-04

A small flowering plant on my parents’ property, with dew drops (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   Finding a good spot in everyone’s schedule, we planned and executed a quick trip to Oklahoma to see my parents (the last time was Christmas 2015), and my brother and his family were[…]

2015.12: Early Christmas Trip

RnB in the minivan, ready to head home, Dec. 14 (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) A few days ago, my wife and I — and our offspring — returned safely and happily from a five-day trip to Oklahoma for a bit of an early Christmas celebration with family — and a surprise birthday[…]

2015.06.25.TH (Solo Trip)

Three days in one entry, including my solo trip to Oklahoma

2014.12.22-24: Xmas Trip (UPDATED)

For a slightly early Christmas, we went to Oklahoma to see my family, and had a wonderful trip — both the visiting and the actual traveling. Plans sprouted up for this trip during our Nov. 11 visit to my brother’s house, when my mother asked about Thanksgiving plans. Not everyone could come for Thanksgiving, but[…]

2013.12.22-24: My Solo Pre-Christmas Trip

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Published on: 2013.12.24

15 images in this entry In this entry: ➤ Going it alone ➤ Weather ➤ Quiet morning ➤ Early Christmas gifts ➤ Dessert tasting / judging ➤ Games and movies ➤ Fuel Efficiency & Prices ➤ The Trip North ➤ The Trip South ➤ Compared to Previous Trips  

Oct. 8-10, 2013: R’s 3rd Birthday Trip (plus Oct. 11)

scroll down for larger images In this entry: ➤ Arrival ➤ Morrow Arrival — With Bubbles ➤ Hay Ride ➤ Birthday Celebration For Two ➤ Seminole’s Best Western ➤ Blowing Up Stuff With Guns ➤ Farewell To The Morrows ➤ A Quiet Afternoon With Tires ➤ Closing Down ➤ Weather ➤ Fuel Efficiency ➤ The[…]

Rebecca’s 2nd Birthday Trip

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Published on: 2012.10.13

For Rebecca’s second birthday, we drove to Seminole County, Oklahoma, to be with my family for a couple of days, much like we did last year (recorded here). This was her third trip to Oklahoma and her fourth visit to a state besides Texas (see where we’ve been).

Trip to Oklahoma

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Published on: 2011.05.19

Our road trip to Oklahoma (May 9-12) was a great success by almost all measurements. On Saturday, May 7, I made sure the lawn was mowed. My wife worked 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. that day. On Sunday, May 8, while I watered the lawn, we did all our laundry and started packing. We left[…]

Regional Weather Confusion

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Published on: 2009.07.26

In the old days of TV weather reporting, you got stories from your local weather man about your local weather. Sure, he was wrong 62% of the time, but at least you knew what area he was talking about. Now, in the age of national weather reporting, it’s gotten a little confusing. Even national newspapers[…]

Lovely Weather

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Published on: 2009.07.26

For the last week or more, our highs have been in the mid- to upper-80s, which is ridiculously low for Oklahoma this time of year. Yesterday, out of the blue (and despite lower predictions) we got up to 102 degrees, but today it’s raining. Forecast for the next few days: 92, 90, 83, 83, with[…]

More Tag Office Stupidity

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Published on: 2009.07.10

This is an update to my recent post about the Tag Office in Seminole. Thinking that a different Tag Office might have a different answer, we called the one in Shawnee. They were helpful over the phone, saying they could call the DPS office where my wife applied for her driver’s license and have them[…]

Reason #__ to Leave Seminole

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Published on: 2009.07.10

The “Tag Office.” Each state has its own way of dealing with license plates and driver’s licenses. In Oklahoma, at least in small towns, there’s simply a “Tag Office” (that’s how it’s listed in the phone book). That’s the place where you get your license renewed or your car tag updated. There’s nothing wrong with[…]

Trip Log 2009

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Published on: 2009.03.21

As some of you know, Marline and I went to Arizona for vacation this past week (March 15 through March 20, 2009). We saw quite a bit, learned a lot, and got really tired. The following is an account of that trip — not too brief, but hopefully fun to read. It was a whirlwind[…]

Road Trip

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Published on: 2008.11.16

On Saturday (the morning after all of Seminole County’s football teams lost out of the playoffs), my wife and I took a road trip with my parents.


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Published on: 2007.01.16

Well, Marline has survived her first Oklahoma ice storm. After three long days of basically being trapped in the house, we each went to work today, taking it slowly and carefully, since city crews in these parts aren’t equipped to deal with the weather. Even today, most of the side streets are solid sheets of[…]

Potential Problems

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Published on: 2006.05.15

16 Days Until Marline Arrives! Well, the time is definitely ticking away now! Months have become weeks, and weeks are turning into days. It will soon be just a matter of hourse before I greet her at the Oklahoma City airport . It’s exciting, but it’s a little scary at the same time, more so[…]


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Published on: 2006.03.06

It boggles my mind that I’ll be in New York City in just about SIX DAYS. I haven’t been there since August 1995, when I flew from Little Rock, Ark., to St. Louis, then joined my fiancée at the time and flew the rest of the way to NYC. The only other time I was[…]

Nov. 2, 2005

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Published on: 2005.11.02

One thing I love about my conversations with Marline is that we always learn new things while talking to each other. She’s an inquisitive person who’s always on the lookout for new knowledge. So am I. Tonight, we learned that Oklahoma is slightly larger than New York (in area) and has more counties. (Yes, we[…]

Aug. 31, 2005

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Published on: 2005.08.31

Thanks again to everyone for the wealth of comments. Some of you I will see very soon… The Sasakwa folks at the game on Thursday, and then Marline on Saturday (YES!)… As for the others, we’ll get together at a later date (for instance, Cassie, you’d BETTER come visit us before you and the hubby[…]

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