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A Contemplation Of Cassette Tapes

Before ridding my house of a couple hundred audio cassette tapes recently, I remembered to make photos of them, some of which are displayed in this blog entry. See all of them here.   For Everyday Music Recordings This is a Fuji DR-I 90 recordable audio cassette (Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry. Some[…]


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Published on: 2015.01.14

BW went to the bathroom (#1) today. Big step. (Edit: and then again the next morning.) I am very ready to never buy diapers again. RL composed a song (music & lyrics) with her toy piano (Christmas gift). A few days ago, she told me she wanted to be an artist when she grew up.[…]

2014.05.12: Images

Mammatus clouds to the east this evening; see all four images here (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.) In this entry: ➤ 7 images from today ➤ 8 images from “same day, different year”

2014.04.20: Images

Seen during our afternoon walk to the playground (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.) In this entry: ➤ 22 images from today (egg hunt, afternoon walk) ➤ 2 images, 2 videos from my phone (catch-up) ➤ 4 images from “same day, different year”


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Published on: 2013.11.26

1 image in this entry In this entry: ➤ Notes on our day ➤ Weather  

March 22, 2013

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Published on: 2013.03.22

Rebecca had another really good day. In the morning, she helped me pull weeds from the front & side yards, carrying the bucket from spot to spot as I directed. When I mowed in back, I asked if she wanted to stay outside: “I don’t want to” (her new favorite phrase). She stayed inside and[…]

July 22, 2012: Ten Minus One

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Published on: 2012.07.22

My wife usually works four 10-hour shifts each week, with three days off. When we made the date mistake regarding Valentina’s visit (mentioned here), she’d requested four days off to accommodate Val’s stay, though as it turns out they were the wrong four days. So, with the normal three days off before and the normal[…]

May 1, 2012

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Published on: 2012.05.01

Early wake-up call today; Rebecca bounded out of bed at 6 a.m., happy as a clam. But she made it less than three hours before needing a nap. Fortunately, that was about the time my wife left for her hair appointment.

Chris Taylor & Windows

(When I searched Google for “Chris Taylor & Windows” (in quotes), the search engine told me that nothing was found. Perhaps this blog post can correct that.) Chris Taylor was a ridiculously skinny white guy (in that respect, he was very similar to me) that I knew when I lived in South Texas as a[…]

Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

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Published on: 2009.07.04

(Copyright © 2009 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)   I didn’t blog about the death of Michael Jackson when it happened, because it just didn’t seem like the right thing to do. The rest of the world was doing that. Also, I was never a Michael Jackson fan. What!? Was I the only[…]

Maybe I Was Right

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Published on: 2008.05.20

For about 10 weeks now, my wife has been pulling for David Cook, one of the American Idol contestants. I joined her in this pursuit after Michael Johns was voted off the show. Tonight, we waited with baited breath to hear Cook’s finale versus the smooth-singing David Archuleta, who’s been a fan favorite for most[…]

Finale Week

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Published on: 2008.05.18

Well, it’s finale week on American Idol. I’m hoping we see something like this (Fantasia), or maybe even this (Clay). Just listen to them, if you have a minute or two. (I know Clay didn’t win, but you’ll agree he should have, after listening to his final performance.) We also saw brilliant finale performances from[…]


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Published on: 2006.05.24

I was right. Taylor won it. And he should have. Last night, he outsang the girl six ways from Sunday. Anyway, that’s my take on it.

RIAA Rant and Survey

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Published on: 2005.09.22

Thanks to Mark for finally dropping by for a comment. Buddy, I know you’re having troubles, but it always works out in the end — sometimes we just can’t see how. Keep doing your best, and you’ll be rewarded. (I don’t mean to sound like a fortune cookie; I really mean all that crap.) Sad[…]

Whirlwind Couple of Days

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Published on: 2005.09.05

Well, HELLO ALL! I just survived another whirlwind couple of days that nearly left me breathless. Okay… I AM breathless.   Marline flew in Saturday evening, and left again at 5:10 p.m. today — She was here almost exactly 48 hours. During that time, we reaffirmed our compatibility in a hundred different areas, she met[…]

Stryper’s New Album

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Published on: 2005.07.21

I heard today that Stryper will release a new album. Interesting. For those who don’t remember, Stryper was the first Christian hair/metal band, though most Christians at the time (1983) believed that Stryper was from the devil. Some people still believe that. I wonder if this will have the same effect on Christian music as[…]

PET PEEVES (for today)

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Published on: 2005.05.22

1. Electrical devices that require a “proprietary” battery type. (Like digital cameras.) It’s infuriating to shop for a new camera, and learn that every single kind of camera requires a different kind/size/type of rechargeable battery. At first, being incredibly naive, I thought the camera-makers were just not thinking. Then I realized that they can make[…]

American Idol: Fundamentally Flawed

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Published on: 2005.05.12

Can I be a juvenile for a minute? I hope Carrie Underwood wins American Idol this year. I was originally hoping for Constantine, but he was mistakenly voted out. (I’m not juvenile enough to vote on this stuff, but it’s fun to watch… Besides, my TV only gets one channel. Come to my apartment; I’ll[…]

May 7, 2005

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Published on: 2005.05.07

Nothing like a good wreck to ruin a Friday night. Two semi trucks crashed on I-40 in Seminole County at 10:42 p.m. Friday. Good amount of damage. Only one was hurt — a female passenger of the truck at fault. I was told that the female’s actions just prior to the wreck probably caused the[…]

Congress Missed Something

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Published on: 2005.04.20

Congress missed something. Like they always do. For those of you who missed it, the United States’ chief legislative body passed another bill yesterday, this one aimed at allowing parents to use devices that edit “smut” from DVD movies, to protect their children. They’re sending the law to Mr. Bush for signing. I don’t have[…]

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