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Third Annual Galveston Vacation

The Four Of Us A helpful passerby made this photo of all four of us at Fort San Jacinto Historic Point on Galveston’s northeastern end. From this spot, one can watch massive ships going to and from the ports of both Galveston and Houston, or fish, or just enjoy the gentle breezes off the Gulf[…]


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Four days in one entry: Minions, ingenuity, mortgage update, Big Hoss BBQ, swim lessons, 100-degree day


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Published on: 2014.02.20

In this entry: 9 images ➤ Morning Travels ➤ Afternoon Toils & Adventures ➤ Not Quite The Lottery, But…  


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Published on: 2013.11.19

4 images in this entry In this entry: ➤ Story time ➤ Photo practice – self-portraits ➤ Fast food again ➤ B’s continued improvement ➤ Website solution ➤ Weather  

Aug. 19, 2013

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Published on: 2013.08.19

Benjamin kisses Mommy (Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) In this entry: ➤ The children ➤ New McDonald’s ➤ ❸ images ➤ Weather

Aug. 2-3, 2013

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Published on: 2013.08.03

6-image composite of our house, taken from the porch across the street (Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) In this entry: » Benjamin’s nightly tirade & perspective » Taking over Playland » Sleeping in the day » Rebecca’s improvement » Media: 1 video, 3 images » Weather

June 14, 2012

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Published on: 2012.06.14

Swam in late morning. Lunch at McDonald’s. For the first time, Rebecca ate a chicken McNugget and some French fries. Somehow, she knew their funky-looking drink container was full of milk (“meh”), but she wouldn’t drink it. Dora shower curtain arrived in afternoon; Rebecca’s bathroom looks more and more like her own. (Interestingly, package was[…]

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