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7 Days. 7 B&W Photos.

Various Facebook friends nominated each other for a photo challenge. Something like this: “I was nominated by [name]. Seven days, seven black and white photos. No explanations. No people. I nominate [name].” I’m glad no one nominated me because I don’t like being nominated for these online games. But this particular idea appealed to me[…]

New And Improved ‘My Life’ Blog (2015.11.12)

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Published on: 2015.11.12

As mentioned in the comments under my previous entry, I’m changing this blog’s modus operandi once again. I’ll make no promises that this will be the last or final change. But I’m going to try it for a while.

15 Years

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Published on: 2005.03.14

I just realized, this very day, that this year will be my FIFTEENTH year out of high school. I know, I graduated when some of you were three years old. It makes me tired, and … well, not quite sad. I would be sad, if these 15 years hadn’t been so productive. I’ve wasted a[…]

April 3, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.04.03

Very nice weather, although slightly humid. Good day at work. I lunched in the car, windows down (open). Gave Ronnie (another bar-coder) a ride to the library after work. After all the time I spent borrowing cars & bumming rides, I guess I should help other people, right? I bought the money order to pay[…]

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