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2016.07.14: DREAM: Duffel Bags And No Blank Paper

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Published on: 2016.07.14

As with many of my dreams, all I remember now are a collection of scenes. Perhaps they were separate dreams, though now it feels like they were part of the same narrative.

New And Improved ‘My Life’ Blog (2015.11.12)

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Published on: 2015.11.12

As mentioned in the comments under my previous entry, I’m changing this blog’s modus operandi once again. I’ll make no promises that this will be the last or final change. But I’m going to try it for a while.

2015.09.28.TH: New Journal Format

Four days in one entry:

We Haven’t Changed A Bit. Okay, A Bit.

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Published on: 2014.08.18

Marline on the escalator (Copyright © 2005 by Wil C. Fry.) Nine years ago today, I met my wife in person for the first time. I first saw her coming down the escalator at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. She was talking on the phone to her roommate Valentina; just as I snapped[…]

2014.03.24: Images From The Day

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Published on: 2014.03.24

Some days, every image is an outtake (Copyright © 2014 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.) After the jump: 5 more images from today, and 9 images from “Same day, different year”

2014.03.18: Notes On Our Day

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Published on: 2014.03.18

With only one comment on yesterday’s suggestion (breaking daily blog entries into multiple parts), I decided to settle on a compromise. I’ll try this for a few days and see how everyone likes it. New format (for now): one entry for information & one entry for the images. This way, if you’re on a slow[…]

Journal: Jan. 19, 2012

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Published on: 2012.01.19

I’m tired. It’s not that I’m not getting enough sleep. It’s that each night, the very instant that I’m actually falling asleep is the instant that Rebecca wakes up crying. Even though my wife is the one who checks on Rebecca and gets her back to sleep, I always have trouble getting back to sleep[…]

Journal: Nov. 9, 2005

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Published on: 2005.11.09

LOVE: A Beautiful Toil A good friend of mine wrote: “Like we both know that we DON’T KNOW what our outcome is going to be like and we’re just taking everything as it comes head on … with no helmet.” I can fully empathize with this, as I enter the next phase of my love[…]


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Published on: 2005.11.06

1. When are you the happiest? I was happy when Marline was here last. I’m happy when I watch my nephews play football. I’m happy when I get a nice photograph.

Journal: July 16, 2005

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Published on: 2005.07.16

Why am I still here? I mean, why am I still on MySpace? Because Xanga keeps breaking down. I actually really don’t like “blogging” at all. I just started using Xanga as a way to put up news and hilarious comments for my small circle of friends.

Attack of the Ineffectual Blog Sites

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Published on: 2005.07.11

Journal: July 11, 2005 Is there some kind of shitstorm attacking the Internet tonight? Nothing on Xanga will load, and I can’t view my profile here on MySpace. I’ve grown accustomed to one site or the other bogging down in the mire of ever-expanding programming language and features that most of us don’t use, but[…]

The Answers to All These Questions

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Published on: 2005.06.29

To answer a few questions (from the bulletin board)… My T-shirt currently says: “BEER… Not just for breakfast anymore.” (I bought it in the 1990s, when I did an awful lot of drinking. [smile].) Describe myself in one word: impossible

First Shower in Weeks

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Published on: 2005.06.17

The shower I just had wasn’t really the first one in weeks. But it was a good way to get your attention, right? My efforts to quit smoking have been largely unsuccessful, but I know it’s only been a few days. It didn’t help that I got punched in the face Wednesday afternoon. Also, last[…]

Feeling Better

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Published on: 2005.06.10

I love this world. I love every feeling that I get from it, whether good, bad, or mediocre. It’s all beautiful, glorious, and rich. Usually, though, it takes me some time to reflect, before I realize just how much I enjoyed something. Today, I was running ragged, trying to produce a newspaper without the help[…]

Phones, News, and Movies

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Published on: 2005.06.06

Current Mood: Un-uppityness I spent much of yesterday talking to a good friend (out-of-state) on the phone. They were wonderful conversations, nothing superficial, very deep — the kind of conversations I enjoy most of all. Sadly, I’m not used to talking on the phone for long, so my poor ears are sore from holding the[…]

Problems With the Site

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Published on: 2005.06.04

I remember now why I quit using MySpace before. Half the time, it’s inaccessible, with the message: “MySpace” not found. The other half of the time, it takes much longer to load each page than the other blog sites I’ve found, and it’s not so easy to find the blogs of each member, as it[…]


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Published on: 2005.06.02

I had a MySpace blog once, but deleted it, since it’s more difficult to use than other blogging sites. Xanga is simpler, more “bare bones.” Fact is, though, MySpace has some nice features, too, like the photo album page (xanga lacks this feature entirely!). But, if you want to read my xanga blog, it’s [non-working[…]

Wil’s Tips For Life

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Published on: 2005.05.29

[copied from a journal entry] * BUY A PAPER-SHREDDER Don’t throw away anything where your name, address, or other personal information is legible — people are trying to steal those identity thingies. * IF YOU EVER CATCH YOURSELF WITHOUT A SMILE, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

April 10, 2005

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Published on: 2005.04.10

Looking back, the journey was longer than it seemed. Three and a half years ago, the pony tail was down my back, my head covered in a bandanna, the rest of me in an old T-shirt and faded, torn blue jeans. I was a frustrated ex-employee of the massive Wrangler plant here in Seminole (now[…]

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