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What You Missed While We Were Apart

(This entry is primarily for old friends that have recently found me on social media. But I hope the rest of you get something out of this mini-biography too.) The Good Ole Days Records are unclear, but many eyewitnesses testified that I was always very, very sane and balanced. (circa 1989) In the past year[…]

My Seventh Father’s Day

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Published on: 2017.06.19

Yesterday was my seventh Father’s Day as a father. It is only now that I think of myself (instead of my own Dad) when I hear the words “Father’s Day”. I don’t care much for cards or gifts, but my children bought a card anyway, a Star Wars-themed one. It was cute. I might or[…]

Protected: 2001.08.11: At Another Crossroads

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April 8, 2001 (Sunday)

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Published on: 2001.04.08

Partly cloudy, near-perfect temperatures. I now have not used the central heat or air for a week, hopefully cutting down on my power bills. Today, I watched “Flatliners” & “The Craft” on VHS, and converted a couple of old letters. I typed in Interim journals through Nov. 1994. I’ve now typed 7 years’ worth of[…]

April 3, 2001 (Tuesday)

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Published on: 2001.04.03

Very nice weather, although slightly humid. Good day at work. I lunched in the car, windows down (open). Gave Ronnie (another bar-coder) a ride to the library after work. After all the time I spent borrowing cars & bumming rides, I guess I should help other people, right? I bought the money order to pay[…]

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