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Year In Review : 2017 (UPDATED)

(I’ve updated this entry with end-of-the-year weather summary information.) Happy 2017! We maintained our senses of humor during this very emotional year. (Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   Leaving The Hospital MRB, just after we checked RLF out of a hospital in Temple, Texas. She was hospitalized in late September[…]

We Got the Job

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Published on: 2009.08.17

My wife was notified this morning that she got the job she was looking for. Needless to say, we’re pretty excited and nervous and kind of shocked, all at the same time. What’s Next? We’re not moving this minute, of course. She will work about two more weeks at her current job. As it stands[…]

Job Search Update

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Published on: 2009.08.13

I know I haven’t mentioned our job search for a while, and there’s a reason for that. These days, you can’t be too careful about posting personal stuff on a blog, especially if that personal stuff is related to your job. For what it’s worth, my wife got a call-back from a very nice job[…]

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