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I’ve Never Had This Many Boring Dreams In A Row

Cotton Candy Dream This photoshopped version of a photo of the Oklahoma sky has always seemed vaguely dreamlike to me. (Copyright © 2005 by Wil C. Fry.) While some people rarely remember their dreams and other people seem to recall all of them, I’m somewhere in the middle. Typically, I have full dream recall every[…]

2015.11.05.TH: Rain, Ottoman, Car Trouble, San Gabriel Park

A whole week. (Selections adapted from private journal file.)


Four days in one entry: dreams, teething, speaking, weeding, spark plugs, white hairs, little scientist, Popeye’s, mean girls

Two Dreams

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Published on: 2011.01.26

Oddly, the only dream I can remember in which my wife and I had a child was before Rebecca was born. In that dream, the child was a fat, white, blue-eyed boy, so it clearly wasn’t prophetic. I had that dream several months ago, before we moved into the new house. In the dream, we[…]

Strange Dream

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Published on: 2006.05.04

I saw that my darling blogged about having a strange dream last night. She’s not the only one. Mine was odd too. It may have been more than one dream, but I remembered them all as one. Normally, I dream in high-definition color, with incredibly realistic detail; sometimes even more realistic than real life, if[…]

Some Dreams & Reaming

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Published on: 2005.06.10

I had a dream last night. I was eating French toast in a Denny’s, and flirting with the gorgeous yet intelligent waitress (go figure.) Turns out the meal contained a tiny transmitter that was meant for another customer, and I ended up being followed by a few dozen agents. I knew someone was following me,[…]

Protected: Dec. 16, 2001 (Dreams)

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March 17, 2001 (Saturday, St. Patrick’s Day)

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Published on: 2001.03.17

woke late. Cloudy, high in upper 50s. DREAMS: One was in some kind of old school setting — large, mysterious dorm rooms, etc. I was dating Margy (MEK) & another girl kept flirting with me, sensuously & she looked a bit like Cindy Crawford. When I resisted her last & final plea, Margy agreed to[…]

Jan. 24, 2001 (Wednesday)

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Published on: 2001.01.24

full day at work. 36°F in the morning, clear skies, high of 50°F — should get down to 25°F tonight. Mail: got ATM card for Wrangler credit union & PIN#.

Oct. 10, 2000

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Published on: 2000.10.10

Last night, I had several dreams, but after two of them, I woke up long enough to write a small note to myself.

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