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2014.12.04.TH: Shelf In Office

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Published on: 2014.12.04

Today, I finished the last thing from my to do list of a few days ago: Put a shelf in the office. It’s a wall-spanning shelf, just above the door to the room and closet door. I used a 1″x12″ which started out an inch over 10 feet long and cut 1.5 inches off the[…]

2013.11.05: Voting and Faucets

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Published on: 2013.11.05

6 images, 1 video in this entry In this entry: ➤ Election day ➤ Faucet handle replacement (again) ➤ Other notes on our day ➤ Weather  

July 21, 2013

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Published on: 2013.07.21

Reading to Rebecca and Benjamin (Copyright © 2013 by Marline Fry. All rights reserved.) In this entry: Kitchen shelf Rebecca’s regress 2 images Weather

June 5, 2013: A New Outlet

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Published on: 2013.06.05

(Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) Rebecca continued to enjoy playing with her old toys today — the one pictured above is the most advanced of them; most of the others were very simple, including teething rings. I worked on a pet project throughout the day.

March 29, 2013

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Published on: 2013.03.29

Frustrating morning with RLF. She’d say she wanted to play hide-n-seek; I would hide and then she’d just ignore me. She’d ask me to read a book, choose a book and bring it to me; I’d start reading it and she would walk away. This went on all morning. After nap time, she was much[…]

March 16, 2013: Shelves

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Published on: 2013.03.16

Rebecca watched and enjoyed Wreck-it-Ralph in the morning; we made a trip to Lowes for spade drill bits and Rebecca found a pink tape measure she liked ($3). She’s been borrowing my tape measures for months, so I figured it was time she had her own. Afternoon: I finished sanding the boards I’d cut yesterday,[…]

Early 2013: To Do List

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Published on: 2013.03.13

Some things on my “To Do List”, mostly related to home improvement: (Note: Some of these are actually “might do someday”, rather than “need to do”.) * Finish going through “old stuff” (mostly documents, but also books, CDs, everything else) Cost: $0 Ease: time-consuming * Shelf in laundry room, north wall Cost: $20? Ease: easy[…]

Aug. 24-25, 2012: Notes

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Published on: 2012.08.25

Some thoughts from the last couple of days: * Started mapping out the studs on the garage’s north wall for the big upcoming shelf project. Discovered that the studs aren’t a uniform 16 inches apart. Most of them are, but because of the length of the house, two studs are only 7″ apart, while the[…]

Garage Shelving Ideas

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Published on: 2012.08.17

So far, I’ve been happy with the minor improvements I’ve made to our house: top shelf in hall closet, wall-to-wall shelf in laundry room, top shelf in master closet, adjustable height spice shelf in kitchen cabinet, side shelves in office closet, and the most recent: small wall shelves in garage corner, just to name a[…]

July 19, 2012: Bathroom #2 Faucet

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Published on: 2012.07.19

Today was a full day by all measures.

June 19-20, 2012: Bathroom Renovation

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Published on: 2012.06.20

A few days ago, I mentioned that we’d bought a few items to upgrade/renovate Rebecca’s bathroom, also called “bathroom #2” or “the hall bathroom”. It’s the one that isn’t the master bath. The transformation occurred Tuesday and Wednesday this week. (Copyright © 2012 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

More Shelves (Office Closet)

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Published on: 2011.11.30

Tuesday, while my wife and Rebecca played elsewhere in the house, I worked on my infamous To Do List. One of the items there is “Organize / Clean Office.” (2 images and links to 40 images after the jump)

To Do List Revisited

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Published on: 2011.11.06

Since last mentioning my To Do List (previous entries), it has fallen into disuse. This means less stuff has gotten done and there is more stuff to do. (1 image and links to 2 images after the jump)

Sweet Berry Farm

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Published on: 2011.10.07

Thursday, we made a day trip to Sweet Berry Farm — just outside of Marble Falls, Texas. (5 images and links to 93 images after the jump)

Closet Shelf

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Published on: 2011.04.27

Yesterday, I scratched another item off my To Do List. I installed an extra shelf in the master bedroom closet.

Finished Painting the Garage

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Published on: 2011.04.11

First, here’s a “note to self” and a note to others about to follow in my footsteps: paint the garage before you organize it. I did it backwards. Okay, I mentioned the other day that I’d started painting the garage as part of my To Do List. On Wednesday, Feb. 6, we bought three gallons[…]

Started Painting the Garage

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Published on: 2011.04.09

Knocking another item off my To Do List, I started painting the garage today. We picked a light green color called “palm frond” (I think), and it looks good so far.

Organizing the Garage

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Published on: 2011.04.06

Over the last couple of days, I knocked another item off my To Do List (mentioned here). This one was “Organize the Garage.” Unlike many people around here, we don’t have a garage full of boxes or shipping containers. We moved here from a decent-sized apartment and previously lived in even smaller apartments, and so[…]

Reverse Cabinet Door

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Published on: 2011.04.01

This is almost an addendum to my previous entry, mainly because I forgot to mention it. Today, I took off a kitchen cabinet door and replaced it upside-down.

To Do List

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Published on: 2011.04.01

We’ve been regularly chopping items off our to-do list. Each time my wife has more than one day off in a row, I get busy and try to clear some items off our list. (We’re also regularly adding items to the end…) Some items are inexpensive but time consuming, like vacuum-sealing maternity and baby clothes[…]

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