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2014.11.26-30: Images

WCF and BWF, by RLF, Nov. 29 (Copyright © 2014 by Rebecca L. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   In this entry: ➤ 11 images from the past five days ➤ 17 images from “same day, different year”

Nov. 21, 2012: Early Thanksgiving

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Published on: 2012.11.21

Because my wife works tomorrow, we celebrated Thanksgiving today. (Copyright © 2012 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.)

A Week of Hearty Eating

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Published on: 2010.01.28

First of all, my thoughts & prayers are with my Oklahoma friends/family who’ve lost power this evening. I know my sister’s electricity went off during the ice storm about 5 p.m., and so I assume my parents’ and grandparents’ are out as well (same grid). I can’t wait to hear that you’ve made it safely[…]

Dinner and a Movie

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Published on: 2009.08.27

Last night, as a welcome break from packing, moving, calling, paying, etc., my wife and I were treated to a nice dinner in Ada. Our hosts: Richard and Abby Barron. We met at a cozy restaurant on Main Street and spent roughly an hour there, eating and talking. (I can’t spell the name of the[…]

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