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Mother’s Day 2016

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Published on: 2016.05.08

My parents and their 18 descendants (plus three in-laws) (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   One Mother’s Day a couple of decades ago, someone told me she felt left out — because she had wanted to be a mother but it had simply never happened for her. I did not[…]

12/12/12 – Last Chance

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Published on: 2012.12.11

Tomorrow will be 12/12/12 on the calendar (if you ignore the big “20” that should be there). It’ll be the last chance for some 88 years for people to do things on a date will three identical numbers — the next chance will be Jan. 1, 2101. So, get married, get divorced, or whatever it[…]

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