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7 Days. 7 B&W Photos.

Various Facebook friends nominated each other for a photo challenge. Something like this: “I was nominated by [name]. Seven days, seven black and white photos. No explanations. No people. I nominate [name].” I’m glad no one nominated me because I don’t like being nominated for these online games. But this particular idea appealed to me[…]


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Published on: 2015.01.23

RL: 90% BW: 70% The WiFi range extender has already shown its benefits. For the first time in months, I didn’t have to switch to 4G just to load a web page. For the first time ever, I was able to load/play a YouTube video on my phone. Also, battery life was greatly increased. In[…]


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Published on: 2015.01.10

9th, Friday: RnB had troubles in the morning. If either of them played with something, the other tried to take it. They did this repeatedly for three hours or so. I was finally able to convince them to play separately. Remainder of the day, they were okay. At bedtime, neither was tired. RL stayed awake[…]

2014.08.31: Notes

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Published on: 2014.08.31

Big Story: 1. This morning, while RLF was playing soccer — I moved the chairs away from the dining room table so it could be the goal — BWF found my coffee mug. He tried to drink it. I’ll give him credit; he tried to be careful. But the taste made him cough and a[…]


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Published on: 2014.04.18

* Sir Poops-a-lot lived up to his name again today. I was awakened by his pleading for a cleaning; he was covered in it from neck to knee — I had to throw away his PJs. That was around 7 a.m. * At 8 a.m., I was sitting on the floor playing with him when[…]

Born-Again Coffee-Drinker

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Published on: 2009.06.16

For most of my life, I thought coffee tasted nasty. Neither of my parents were coffee-drinkers. Most of the people I saw drinking coffee were also smokers, and old. So I always associated coffee-drinking with old smokers. Smelly people who coughed a lot. The only time I remember drinking coffee as a child was on[…]

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