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Year In Review : 2017 (UPDATED)

(I’ve updated this entry with end-of-the-year weather summary information.) Happy 2017! We maintained our senses of humor during this very emotional year. (Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   Leaving The Hospital MRB, just after we checked RLF out of a hospital in Temple, Texas. She was hospitalized in late September[…]

Coming Improvements In Killeen

More improvements are coming to Killeen, according to the city’s “CIP” (capital improvements program), which I found here (9.6MB, pdf). Several will affect us here on the south edge of the city, initially with construction frustration and eventually with improved infrastructure:   Featherline (north-south road right next to our neighborhood, to the police headquarters) will[…]

2015.08.17: Fifth House-iversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day we got the keys to this house (see First Blog From The House). As with most things, it sometimes seems longer than that and sometimes seems like a blip. See previous House-iversary entries. • First • Second • Third • Fourth • Most of the negatives/positives I’ve[…]

2014.08.14: HOA Meeting

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Published on: 2014.08.14

This evening, there was an informal HOA meeting at the community “amenities center” (the pavilion by the pool). Currently, our HOA is managed by a corporation; it won’t be turned over fully to residents until the neighborhood is 70% occupied. The off-schedule meeting was put on the calendar because of several issues that we residents[…]

2014.07.08: Dream

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Published on: 2014.07.08

My wife and I took a group vacation with some other people — at least three of them were members of her family. I remember her uncles René-Max and Alix (the two that speak the least English) and her cousin Alexandra. There were other people, but I’ve already forgotten them so I don’t know whether[…]

2014.07.04: Sprinklers, Not Sparklers

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Published on: 2014.07.04

The most interesting thing we did all day was let the kids play in the front yard sprinkler — I needed to water anyway since the 0.01″ of rain yesterday was nearly pointless. It was BWF’s first time, so he was hesitant, and got tired of it pretty quickly. He went into the garage, found[…]

July 22, 2013

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Published on: 2013.07.22

(Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) In this entry: Mowing New trimmer Coax connecters Birth certificate Routes through town Desserts 3 images Weather  

Two-Year House-iversary

[I was incorrect in a previous post; not sure why. Aug. 17 is the actual date we got the keys to the house (not Aug. 18). So this post is even later than I’d previously thought.] Wow. Two years. That means our house isn’t new anymore. It means we’re two years older than the spry,[…]

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