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My Seventh Father’s Day

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Published on: 2017.06.19

Yesterday was my seventh Father’s Day as a father. It is only now that I think of myself (instead of my own Dad) when I hear the words “Father’s Day”. I don’t care much for cards or gifts, but my children bought a card anyway, a Star Wars-themed one. It was cute. I might or[…]

Entering A New Era

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Published on: 2017.04.05

I’ve tried to keep friends and family updated about my wife’s job situation via Facebook, but those posts tend to get lost in the shuffle, now buried under hundreds of other posts. Here is the latest.


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Published on: 2014.01.30

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2013.12.25: R’s 4th & B’s 1st Christmas

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Published on: 2013.12.25

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June 13-15, 2013

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Published on: 2013.06.15

Benjamin at four days old (Copyright © 2013 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) The first day with all of us in the house (Thursday, June 13) passed quickly. I honestly don’t recall most of what we did. I think we ate at Chick-fil-A for lunch, Benjamin’s first time in a business establishment —[…]

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