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2016 Galveston Vacation

MRB enjoy the surf in the shallow waters near the beach (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   We enjoyed Galveston so much last year that we decided to do it again. In fact, we decided that last year, on the way home from Galveston. Early this year, when we received[…]

2014.06.03: Mayborn Museum

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Published on: 2014.06.03

Went to the Mayborn Museum in Waco today, part of which is a “discovery center” for kids (“of all ages”), after reading reviews that some people liked it better than the McKenna Museum we recently visited in New Braunfels. It was an uneventful trip; we arrived in Waco in time for lunch at Burger King[…]


I’m doing multiple posts today, so feel free to check my last one before reading this one. A gripe: I just saw a Wendy’s commercial. A guy was sitting in his crappy apartment & complaining that he only had “a buck.” His friend says, happily, “That’s MORE than enough, dude!” And he goes on to[…]

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