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I’m Still Blogging; Just Not Here

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Published on: 2016.11.16

For anyone still checking this page, please be advised that I no longer blog my daily comings-and-goings. I have fully switched over to a private journal file that I keep locally (on my computer) instead of online. I do still blog regularly on my less personal blog Verily I Say Unto Thee — I try[…]

New And Improved ‘My Life’ Blog (2015.11.12)

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Published on: 2015.11.12

As mentioned in the comments under my previous entry, I’m changing this blog’s modus operandi once again. I’ll make no promises that this will be the last or final change. But I’m going to try it for a while.

2015.11.05.TH: Rain, Ottoman, Car Trouble, San Gabriel Park

A whole week. (Selections adapted from private journal file.)

2015.09.28.TH: New Journal Format

Four days in one entry:

2015.06.12 – Update

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Published on: 2015.06.12

We’re back from our vacation trip to Galveston, Texas. I’m working on formatting and uploading photos, and working up my usual trip-summary blog entry. After that will be a catch-all “since we’ve been back” entry. Stay tuned. Those of you who follow me on Flickr can see the images as I upload them.


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Published on: 2014.12.29

I wanted to say “Thanks!” to all of you who’ve followed this blog, and especially to those who’ve commented: From a stats-keeping app associated with WordPress   I think the main thing we did today was shop at Target, though we also played outside for a good hour or so — it was over 60°F[…]

2014.12.03.WE: A New Web Host (UPDATED)

(2014.12.04: I added a paragraph after receiving a reply from Bluehost this morning.) As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I began having issues with my web host, Bluehost. Today, I switched to HostGator — hopefully without any disruption on the reader’s end.

2014.03.18: Notes On Our Day

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Published on: 2014.03.18

With only one comment on yesterday’s suggestion (breaking daily blog entries into multiple parts), I decided to settle on a compromise. I’ll try this for a few days and see how everyone likes it. New format (for now): one entry for information & one entry for the images. This way, if you’re on a slow[…]

2014.03.17: Sodas, Snoots, and Suggestions

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Published on: 2014.03.17

In this entry: 14 images ➤ Considering changes to the daily blog ➤ Notes on our day ➤ The Presidents of the United States of America ➤ Taping the snoot ➤ Blue Sky Natural Soda: Dr. Becker ➤ Same day, different year  

Dec. 18, 2012: Web Host Issues

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Published on: 2012.12.18

Yesterday it was TXU, but before I’d gone to bed it was my web host giving me problems. I apologize on their behalf to any of you who had trouble accessing either of my blogs or my website yesterday evening, last night, or most of today. I have only been able to access it intermittently[…]

Waking Up, Weather, and Weirdness

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Published on: 2011.01.20

Rebecca did another eight-hour stretch last night, and she was perfectly precious when she woke up this morning. She wakes up slowly, much like her Daddy, slowly growing more animated and stretching until she’s fully awake. If I get to her bedside before she’s fully awake, she’ll smile hugely when she opens her eyes and[…]

Moving the Blog

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Published on: 2011.01.08

(Note: This entry, and all others before it, were originally located on a third-party blogging site. So if anything sounds fishy, or if any old links don’t work; that’s why.) I’m moving my blog. Or at least I’m attempting to. Give me time. The new location of this blog, which has been on [site name[…]

Once a Week

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Published on: 2006.10.29

Looks like married life has taken me down from one blog a day, to once a week. That’s fine by me. I didn’t have that many readers anyway… Anyway, this week has been busy — I left my car at the shop over the weekend, and brought it back two more times this week, to[…]

Still Growing

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Published on: 2006.05.05

Wow, my web readership is still growing! The Story of Us helped to gain a few new readers. I posted a link to that post on My Flickr, next to a photo of Marline and I that I inserted into my Flickr profile. Several of my Flickr friends have now come to the blog as[…]


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Published on: 2006.04.08

Numbers of My Life: My Flickr photostream has now been viewed 40,000 times. My most viewed photo has been viewed 5,000 times. My car’s odometer rolled over to 160,000 miles. My blog has now been viewed 8,000 times. Wow. Thanks everyone.

First Official Entry

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Published on: 2005.02.02

Well, I guess this is my first official weblog entry. Am I joining the 21st Century yet, or am I too late? I don’t even know what the hell blogging is, but I’ve got cool friends on here, so I decided to join up. For other info on what I’ve been up to, visit my[…]

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