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A Contemplation Of Cassette Tapes

Before ridding my house of a couple hundred audio cassette tapes recently, I remembered to make photos of them, some of which are displayed in this blog entry. See all of them here.   For Everyday Music Recordings This is a Fuji DR-I 90 recordable audio cassette (Copyright © 2017 by Wil C. Fry. Some[…]


Five days in one entry:

2014.11.09.SU: Notes

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Published on: 2014.11.09

Some audio files I recorded on my phone and just now figured out how to upload/share (I believe you must have Flash installed to listen to them, so you might not be able to hear them with iDevices): This is me, attempting to keep my kids from crying during lunch: Upload Music Files – Listen[…]

Journal: Sept. 27, 2004

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Published on: 2004.09.27

(transcript from digital audio recording) Well, I’m going to try this one more time. It’s September 27, 2004, about midnight. I recorded this and it didn’t save it, so I’m gonna try it again. I had a hard end of the week, at work, with Karen gone to Italy, but Josh and Ronna and I[…]

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