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Year In Review: 2016

In 2016, RnB became fast friends and partners in crime (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   RLF, on her first day of school (Copyright © 2016 by Wil C. Fry.) • Top Stories In the story of our family, two events dominated 2016, both of them positive. The first was[…]


Three days in one entry: Neon repair, debit card problem, end of beginner dance, playdate


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Published on: 2015.07.02

Three days in one entry, kind of a mish-mash * RL can now lift BW; wraps her arms around him and leans backward. Once, she almost put him on the sofa. * While playing basketball in the driveway, RL threw the ball as hard as she could and it hit me in the groin. She[…]


Four days in one entry: fevers galore, rain, movies, teething


Three days in one entry: Safari Champ, movies, spark plugs (Neon), fever


Four days in one entry: dreams, teething, speaking, weeding, spark plugs, white hairs, little scientist, Popeye’s, mean girls


Four days in one entry: I didn’t jot notes each day, so it’s a little jumbled. Cars: Now I can’t start the Neon either, so it’ll have to be fixed this week. The Sable is up for inspection. The Sedona is doing just fine except for that one instance in the last entry. Weather: We[…]


Three days in one entry: picnic, Neon, gift card, bicycle shorts, debit card activation, washing cars, bluebonnet time,


Four days in one entry: dentist, car trouble, new tree, watering, Easter egg hunt, the trouble with Benjamin, The Normal Heart


Three days in one entry: picnics, state inspection, weeding, weaning, neighborhood cleanup


Four days in one entry: new tire, phonetic alphabet, thoughts on parenthood, conversations with a four-year-old about God, spelling a few words

2014.08.03: Notes

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Published on: 2014.08.03

* I took the kids to Sam’s Club while MF was at work. I’ve lost track of my outings with them, but I think this is my longest trip outside the house with both kids but without my wife. We arrived at 09:55 and the store wasn’t yet open. So we stood out front for[…]

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