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Date : November 2015

New And Improved ‘My Life’ Blog (2015.11.12)

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Published on: 2015.11.12

As mentioned in the comments under my previous entry, I’m changing this blog’s modus operandi once again. I’ll make no promises that this will be the last or final change. But I’m going to try it for a while.

My Parents’ Visit (2015.11)

Family Portrait Click here to see a larger version (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry.) We were pleased recently that my parents came to visit us here in Killeen. During their (short) visit, the main activity was going to the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco.

2015.11.05.TH: Rain, Ottoman, Car Trouble, San Gabriel Park

A whole week. (Selections adapted from private journal file.)

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