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Date : August 2015


Four days in one entry:


Three days in one entry: new nap schedule, baby shower, mail on Sundays


Three days in one entry: anniversary of meeting, swimming, bedtime, Thursday weather, videos

2015.08.17: Fifth House-iversary

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the day we got the keys to this house (see First Blog From The House). As with most things, it sometimes seems longer than that and sometimes seems like a blip. See previous House-iversary entries. • First • Second • Third • Fourth • Most of the negatives/positives I’ve[…]


Four days in one entry: RL’s rough nights, birthday party, reincarnation conversation with RL, little instigator, a gift of diapers, 5th house-iversary


Three days in one entry: truck day, mission: movie, weather/lawn, all locked up, breakdown


Four days in one entry: Forgot to mention, biology lesson from RL, fairy tale by RL, RL’s lunchtime spider adventure, construction, atheism commercial, RL’s ‘bidness’ empire


Three days in one entry: Stagecoach and other construction, Ikea trip, burn ban, dance/ballet, the boy


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Published on: 2015.08.03

Four days in one entry: Fairy Godmother, July weather summary, weather

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