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Date : June 2015


Four days in one entry: air conditioner repair, heat and rain, birthday party, new lawnmower

2015.06.25.TH (Solo Trip)

Three days in one entry, including my solo trip to Oklahoma


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Published on: 2015.06.22

Four days in one entry: RnB were good for me the past four days, as M returned to work, but grew steadily more fussy in the evenings. RL skipped her nap a couple of days. For Father’s Day, M suggested I go out to eat alone, which surprised me, but it turned out to be[…]

2015.06.13-18: Since We’ve Been Back

Catch-up entry for the days since our vacation: six days in one entry (1 image at end):

2015.06.08-12: Galveston Vacation

The last photo we took in Galveston (Copyright © 2015 by Wil C. Fry. Some rights reserved.)   In the middle of M’s 17-day stretch of paid leave, we took a five-day jaunt to Galveston, having enjoyed last year’s trip to Corpus Christi Bay so much. M booked the hotel back in February when she[…]

2015.06.12 – Update

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Published on: 2015.06.12

We’re back from our vacation trip to Galveston, Texas. I’m working on formatting and uploading photos, and working up my usual trip-summary blog entry. After that will be a catch-all “since we’ve been back” entry. Stay tuned. Those of you who follow me on Flickr can see the images as I upload them.


Six days in one entry: M’s vacation, weather, swimming!, making friends, crying for no reason, anniversary, birthday in Watauga


Four days in one entry: no more rain, “doing science”, playground, sword fighting, things RL said, BW’s language development

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