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Date : April 2015


Three days in one entry: Sable’s state inspection, weather, news, Carl Levin Park, Story By Rebecca


Four days in one entry: I didn’t jot notes each day, so it’s a little jumbled. Cars: Now I can’t start the Neon either, so it’ll have to be fixed this week. The Sable is up for inspection. The Sedona is doing just fine except for that one instance in the last entry. Weather: We[…]


Three days in one entry: recovery, shopping, the neighbor’s weeds, Sedona glitch, newest Walmart, Birdman


Four days in one entry: smoking, picking locks, less toys, video catchup, The Three Vomiteers


Three days in on entry: more dentist appointments, fasting


Four days in one entry: “Dayday”, bad dream, playground trash, crying, true/false, Google Earth Pro, nouns and verbs, trouble with the boy


Three days in one entry: picnic, Neon, gift card, bicycle shorts, debit card activation, washing cars, bluebonnet time,


Four days in one entry: dentist, car trouble, new tree, watering, Easter egg hunt, the trouble with Benjamin, The Normal Heart


Three days in one entry: picnics, state inspection, weeding, weaning, neighborhood cleanup

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