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Date : July 2012

July 31, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.31

Weather: 104°F for the high (tie for second-hottest day this year); fortunately humidity is relatively low — only 30-40% for the bulk of the day. This is only our 14th day over 100 this year. By this date last year, we were at 41 days and counting. So yes, we’re counting our lucky stars at[…]

July 30, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.30

Another 100-degree day (101°F); third in a row and 13 for the year. Rebecca seemed a tad sick today; still hoarse and coughing a little. She kept play to a minimum. No pool or walk today.

July 29, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.29

Rebecca’s throat was hoarse most of the day — but she had no other symptoms of a cold. We swam for another two hours today. She used her potty after Mommy got home from work — the first time since Val was here. Ate well. Supper: take-out from Yank-Sing. Weather: 103°F again, our 12th 100-degree[…]

July 28, 2012: Swimming Improvement

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Published on: 2012.07.28

A couple of days ago, Rebecca floated in her inner tube for the first time. Mostly she kept clinging to Mommy or me, but occasionally floated on her own. Today however, she was completely comfortable in it. I took her swimming this morning as our outdoor temperature crested 90°F at 9:30 a.m. She put the[…]

July 27, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.27

I’ve updated my July 19 entry to include photos of the faucet replacement in bathroom #2.

July 25-26, 2012: Master Bath Faucets

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Published on: 2012.07.26

July 25 (Wed.): Sister called first thing to say she’d had her eighth baby — Daniel. Rebecca’s no longer the youngest grandchild of my parents (who now have 11); RLF fussy in morning; not sure why. Fussy in Chick-Fil-A; had to leave early. Much better after nap. Actually ate supper (meatloaf and creamy carrots) with[…]

July 24, 2012: Furniture Shopping

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Published on: 2012.07.24

One piece of furniture we’re still lacking (for the future) is a bed for Rebecca. She’s been sleeping on a futon on the floor, and seems to really like that, but… it’s unseemly. We’d decided on a bunk bed setup for her and a (future) sibling. It should be the kind that can separate into[…]

July 23, 2012: Movies in Shifts

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Published on: 2012.07.24

Unlike many parents these days, we agreed — before even getting married or considering children — that we wouldn’t take our baby or child to a movie theater (1) until the child was old enough to sit through a movie and enjoy it without crying or yapping like a miniature dog, and (2) unless the[…]

July 22, 2012: Ten Minus One

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Published on: 2012.07.22

My wife usually works four 10-hour shifts each week, with three days off. When we made the date mistake regarding Valentina’s visit (mentioned here), she’d requested four days off to accommodate Val’s stay, though as it turns out they were the wrong four days. So, with the normal three days off before and the normal[…]

July 21, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.21

Dumped bags of topsoil in backyard low spots. Went to pool, spent 15 minutes cleaning pool first — all chairs and tables were IN the pool, except for the one table that was disassembled and the one that had been tossed over the fence into the weeds. Swam for about an hour. Lunch at home.[…]

July 20, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.20

First thing, checked sink for leaks — none. New faucet is higher, swivels, and is brushed nickel finish instead of chrome.

July 19, 2012: Bathroom #2 Faucet

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Published on: 2012.07.19

Today was a full day by all measures.

July 18, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.18

Mowed/edged lawn in the morning. Visited model homes in afternoon.

July 17, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.17

We only saw 89°F today; very mild. Grocery shopping, more cleaning, a few items at Bed Bath & Beyond and then a couple of things at Lowes. Kind of a normal day, really.

July 16, 2012: End of the Visit

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Published on: 2012.07.16

Again, my wife went to work early. Our guests, Rebecca, and I all woke up later, but in plenty of time to eat (only Rebecca actually ate breakfast), clean up, and get our guests bags packed.

July 15, 2012: Last Full Day

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Published on: 2012.07.15

My wife was off today, having switched with a co-worker to spend more time with our guests.

July 14, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.14

Details: wife works again; back yard play in morning; Bush’s chicken lunch; H-E-B for milk; naps; wife comes home; inflatable pool in back yard; Sloppy Joes’ for supper (I made them from a can); Dairy Queen for dessert.

July 13, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.13

My wife had to work today while the rest of us had fun. In the morning, Val and I took Vicky and Rebecca to our neighborhood’s playground, where they both had fun. But it got hot very quickly. By 9:30 a.m., it was already 90°F. So we returned home.

July 12, 2012

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Published on: 2012.07.12

First full day of Valentina’s stay: Grocery shopped (H-E-B) in the morning. McDonald’s for lunch. Zoomerang for afternoon play. Little Caesar’s for supper.

July 11, 2012: Unexpected Visitors

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Published on: 2012.07.11

Morning: grocery shopping, play. Afternoon: checked out some nearby model homes. My wife got a call from her good friend Valentina as we left one model home: she said she’d almost to missed her flight. “To where?” my wife asked. “To come see you guys,” Val replied.

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