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Date : January 2012

A Story of Rings

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Published on: 2012.01.28

I mentioned in December that I’d taken off my wedding ring because it was too tight. It’s back on now, bigger than ever. (1 image after the jump)

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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Published on: 2012.01.27

The past few days were rainier and colder than the bulk of this January, but still warmer than one would expect for winter. We managed to get Rebecca out of the house several times — always a goal during my wife’s days off. (2 images after the jump)

Short Visit

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Published on: 2012.01.22

My brother and his girlfriend Jae visited us today, driving down from Arlington in the morning.

100% Day

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Published on: 2012.01.21

You may remember my recent entry about the percentage system. Yesterday was our first “100% day” in a while. (1 image after the jump)

Journal: Jan. 19, 2012

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Published on: 2012.01.19

I’m tired. It’s not that I’m not getting enough sleep. It’s that each night, the very instant that I’m actually falling asleep is the instant that Rebecca wakes up crying. Even though my wife is the one who checks on Rebecca and gets her back to sleep, I always have trouble getting back to sleep[…]

Her First Work Of Art?

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Published on: 2012.01.14

In a recent entry, I noted Rebecca’s growing understanding of concepts like “in”, “on”, “under”, etc. Yesterday, she took this a step further. (1 image after the jump)

One Per Rectum

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Published on: 2012.01.14

I don’t mind posting this here, since it’s already been on national television. One of my family members recently took a picture of their prescription label and sent it in to Jay Leno for the “headlines” segment. Not only did Leno use the picture, but it became the talk of the town in Seminole, Okla.,[…]

15-Month Appointment

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Published on: 2012.01.12

Yesterday was Rebecca’s 15-month appointment; she got two more shots after a quick exam by her doctor. For whatever reason, we like our doctor more now. Maybe we’re getting used to her, or maybe she’s gotten used to us; I’m not sure. Perhaps there was some non-work-related stress in her life last year. Or perhaps[…]

On, In, Under, and Christmas

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Published on: 2012.01.08

Every time we start to worry that Rebecca is behind in her development (I assume most parents are concerned about this from time to time), I just check several “toddler milestone” charts from reputable organizations. She’s fine. As with most children, she’s ahead on some things, behind on others, and right on target with some.[…]

Jan. 6, 2002

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Published on: 2012.01.06

Wednesday (Jan. 4), we took Rebecca to a small park in Harker Heights — I don’t know the name of the park because it’s not named on maps and there’s no sign at the park. She played a little with the playground equipment, but mostly picked up wood chips, watched other kids, and explored the[…]

Jan. 1, 2012

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Published on: 2012.01.01

Today, Rebecca attempted her first three-syllable word: “abbiduh” (trying to say “camera”).

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