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Date : November 2011

More Shelves (Office Closet)

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Published on: 2011.11.30

Tuesday, while my wife and Rebecca played elsewhere in the house, I worked on my infamous To Do List. One of the items there is “Organize / Clean Office.” (2 images and links to 40 images after the jump)

Happy Thanksgiving

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Published on: 2011.11.27

As I briefly mentioned at the end of my previous entry, we didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving on Nov. 24, due to my wife’s work schedule. Partly because of the trip to New York and partly due to a co-worker’s illness, she worked five days straight (Nov. 22-26), including the holiday. (2 images after the jump)

2011 Long Island Trip

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Published on: 2011.11.24

We were invited to two weddings this year, both of which would involve cross-country travel and much expense. One was my wife’s family member, the other was her best friend for 14 years. Not being able to conscientiously afford attending both of them, we made a difficult choice and attended the wedding of the best[…]

We’re Back

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Published on: 2011.11.21

Yesterday evening, we arrived home from a quick trip to New York (Long Island), which involved several “firsts” for Rebecca. First ride in an airplane, first time through airport security, first attendance at a wedding, first time in a country club, first ride in a car other than our own (a rental car), etc. She[…]

Less Baby, More Girl

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Published on: 2011.11.16

In most respects, Rebecca is still fully a baby. She can’t talk, isn’t potty-trained, still nurses and drinks from a bottle. She takes two naps a day (usually), cries when she’s tired or hungry, and so on. But because I spend almost all my waking hours in her presence, I’ve begun to notice quite a[…]

Nov. 13, 2011

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Published on: 2011.11.13

It’s 88°F here right now, which is six degrees hotter than the record set just four years ago. (This is after a few record lows a week ago.) Yesterday, I drove to Austin for the Austin Photo Expo (mentioned last year when I went in May). I listened to speakers Maria Bernal (website) in the[…]

Home Depot Walkabout

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Published on: 2011.11.10

Monday, we went into Home Depot to look for cabinet hardware (handles) and a few other items, after not finding what we’d wanted in Lowe’s the day before. Just inside the front door, my wife set Rebecca on the floor to see if she would walk. (We’ve never put her on the floor in a[…]

To Do List Revisited

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Published on: 2011.11.06

Since last mentioning my To Do List (previous entries), it has fallen into disuse. This means less stuff has gotten done and there is more stuff to do. (1 image and links to 2 images after the jump)

Nov. 4, 2011

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Published on: 2011.11.04

Another record low today; it’s 32°F and the record was 42. Geez. Rebecca’s great eating and sleeping that I mentioned recently only lasted for a few days. She’s still napping well (two naps each day of about an hour each) but night sleeping is still terrible. Two hours at a stretch at most. And yogurt[…]

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