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Date : August 2011

Trip to Odessa

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Published on: 2011.08.31

Unlike last year’s trip to Odessa (blog entry; photos), this time we weren’t passing through to somewhere else; Odessa was our destination. Six days after Rebecca’s baptism (blog entry; photos), her second cousin Dylan Herrera got baptized, and we’d planned to be there for it even before we’d scheduled Rebecca’s event. (6 images after the[…]

Two Posts In One

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Published on: 2011.08.24

(This blog entry describes the recent visit of our friend Kristen, as well as Rebecca’s baptism, two events that were scheduled to coincide.) Saturday morning (Aug. 20) we awoke with a plan to meet our friend Kristen at Austin’s airport before lunch. However, in the first hitch of the weekend, Jet Blue wasn’t cooperating (not[…]

One Year In The House

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Published on: 2011.08.17

Today is the day. The one-year anniversary of getting the keys to our brand new house. There are no balloons, there’s no cake, and there are no gifts being exchanged. Just this note in my blog. Twelve days from now (Aug. 29) marks the end of our second year in Killeen, but somehow that’s not[…]

Aug. 15, 2011

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Published on: 2011.08.15

1) I suppose the biggest news of the past week is that we finally broke our streak of 100-degree days. From July 11 through Aug. 12, we saw 100°F or more every single day. That’s 33 days in a row, and 53 total for the year. Saturday was the big relief day; the high was[…]

Aug. 7, 2011

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Published on: 2011.08.07

Yes, I’m up before 6 a.m., and I’ve been up for more than an hour. Rebecca was wide awake while my wife was preparing to leave for work at 5 a.m., so they had to wake me up.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Published on: 2011.08.02

Today, we hit our high of 108°F, the 23rd consecutive day of surpassing the 100-degree mark (43 total days this year). The forecast says we’ll cool down to 103°F by the end of the week. Won’t that be nice? Those thunderstorms predicted on Aug. 11 sure look great, but I’ll believe it when we see[…]

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