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Date : July 2011

More Firsts

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Published on: 2011.07.31

Today, I’m home alone. My wife took Rebecca to church and I stayed here. Nothing odd about that, until I started feeling strange. I realized it’s the first time I’ve been home by myself since Rebecca was in NICU. And thus, it’s also the first time my wife has taken Rebecca somewhere without me.

Rebecca’s Vocabulary

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Published on: 2011.07.27

As with most babies, Rebecca’s verbal progress is slow and halting, often changing direction. She learns a sound, repeats it a hundred (or thousand) times, and then never uses it again. Most times when she’s verbalizing, she sticks with one or two consonants and only rarely throws a bunch of them together. According to her[…]

Miraculous Weight Gain or Broken Scale?

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Published on: 2011.07.26

The day after Valentina’s visit ended, Rebecca was due back at the pediatrician’s office, as I mentioned two weeks ago. (The doctor had been concerned about low weight, and wanted to re-weigh in two weeks.) So yesterday we drove over there and weighed Rebecca again. She was 17 pounds and 12 ounces. That’s not surprising[…]

Valentina’s 2011 Visit

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Published on: 2011.07.25

A few days ago, I mentioned we were hosting our friend Valentina for a few days. After picking her up from the airport and getting her settled in our house (she slept in Rebecca’s room), we all went to bed relatively early. (My wife had cooked an excellent supper for us.)

The Grave of Rusty Porter

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Published on: 2011.07.22

Three months ago, I wrote about the disappearance of my old friend Rusty Porter and his wife Becky (Rebecca). I was notified today that their bodies have been found in shallow graves in Taney County, Mo., very near the tiny town of Protem, just north of the Arkansas-Missouri border.

First Visit From a Friend

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Published on: 2011.07.22

Contradicting my last entry, we’re actually doing something interesting besides watching Rebecca grow. Beginning last night, we’re hosting Marline’s friend Valentina for a few days. This is the first time anyone besides my family has come to see us in Killeen.

Alas, ‘My Life’ Is Her Life

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Published on: 2011.07.18

I am aware that this blog is called “My Life”; this is because I was alone when I began this blog in early 2005. Little did I know I would meet my future wife just a few months later. And now of course, we have Rebecca. So this blog, the title of which I’m unwilling[…]

Weary Weekend

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Published on: 2011.07.12

I realize I’m very fortunate in many ways. One of those ways is having a baby who’s almost never ill, smiles often, plays well, eats steadily, and so on. But it’s difficult to remember this when she’s sick and teething at the same time. (One image after the jump)


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Published on: 2011.07.10

Sometimes, a baby’s milestones happen gradually. You can see them working toward something and then watch them do it for the first time. It’s still exciting, but not as exciting as when you walk around the corner and see them doing something new. Though Rebecca has been pulling herself into the standing position for more[…]

The Last Few Days

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Published on: 2011.07.07

During the last few days, we’ve enjoyed ourselves. My wife had two days off in the middle of the week, so we were able to go swimming again, for one thing. Rebecca is enjoying the pool more each time, getting comfortable in the water. She splashes with her hands and kicks with her legs (and[…]

2 Videos

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Published on: 2011.07.05

Two new videos of Rebecca are available on YouTube, both recorded on July 4, 2011: Crawling in Kitchen Eating Cheerios (Both are available in HD, but not by default. Select the “720 HD” option for resolution.)

Happy Independence Day

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Published on: 2011.07.04

(Copyright © 2011 by Wil C. Fry. All rights reserved.) We took several pictures with the U.S. flag today. Click here to see the others.

Rebecca’s Solo Journeys

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Published on: 2011.07.03

Over the past week or two, Rebecca has moved from “crawling” to “crawling around the house”. At first, we were overjoyed that she could move two feet. Then she could cross a room! But she balked at doorways. If you stepped outside the room, she would falter and whine, not realizing the doorway isn’t a[…]

Update: July 1, 2011

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Published on: 2011.07.01

Any time I don’t post for several days, you can assume the obvious reasons: Rebecca. She’s much more independent now, so you’d think I’d have more time to blog. Ha. She will play by herself for long periods of time, as long as I’m not attempting to use the computer.

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