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Date : April 2010

Trip to College Station

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Published on: 2010.04.29

On Tuesday, my wife and I drove to College Station, Texas, to visit the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Taco Night

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Published on: 2010.04.25

Most of my friends and family members will be startled to learn that I made tacos last night. My wife simply watched television while I chopped the tomatoes, browned the ground beef, mixed in the taco seasoning, prepared the serving dishes, etc. It tasted pretty good, I thought. Other than that, the only news to[…]

DL Again

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Published on: 2010.04.16

Remember, back on March 4, when my wife and I got our new Texas drivers licenses? It wasn’t true, apparently. We took the temporary paper licenses home, not realizing that the license order had been canceled. So we waited and waited, checking the mail every day for our permanent plastic licenses. Finally, yesterday I called[…]

Wildseed Farms

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Published on: 2010.04.12

Saturday, my wife and I wanted to take a drive to see wildflowers. We initially considered the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center , because we’ve heard so much about it. The Center has an excellent and informative website, which informed us that it would cost $16 (total) for the two of us to enter. That[…]

New Master Bedroom

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Published on: 2010.04.08

As mentioned in my previous entry, my wife and I moved our bed into a smaller bedroom to avoid noise from upstairs. The actual “master” bedroom of our apartment is 14′ x 11′, which was perfect for us. The bedroom where we’re sleeping now is only 10′ x 10′. That’s just barely big enough for[…]


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Published on: 2010.04.08

I’ve heard that you should rearrange stuff in your home every few months. It’s supposed to give you a feeling of a refreshed space, newness, and help your brain be more active. We ended up rearranging things for an entirely different reason. After my last post, we decided we couldn’t stand it anymore. For months[…]

Guide to Parenting, Ch. 1

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Published on: 2010.04.06

(Inspired by the neighbors upstairs, which we can hear clearly through the ceiling) When your baby’s a couple of days old, it cries a lot. It also poops a lot. The best way to deal with the crying, especially at night, is to place the crib directly above the downstairs neighbors’ master bedroom and let[…]

Television for Homeowners

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Published on: 2010.04.02

Just about every cable TV package comes with a handful of channels aimed at homeowners. There’s HGTV, DIY, and others. These are channels that my wife and I had never watched before, mainly because we’ve never owned a home before. Suddenly, about a week ago, she was flipping through the channels and realized: “Hey! We’re[…]

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