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Date : April 2009

Tribute to Ricky

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Published on: 2009.04.22

Ricky was a dog. A good dog. By our count, he was about 105 years old, in dog years, and he had his final adventure on Monday, April 20, 2009. He died by impact with a car on State Highway 9, a few hundred yards from his home of the last several years. Following are[…]

Bad Year for Big Oil?

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Published on: 2009.04.19

All during 2008, we heard how it was a bad year for “Big Oil.” And many big oil companies are still claiming that it’s true. So explain this: Exxon Mobil Tops Fortune 500 List . How much are you paying per gallon for gas? How many miles per gallon does your primary vehicle get?

Happy 40th!

A week ago, for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, M and I were going to take them on a day out, but the weather turned out badly (snow, rain, thunderstorms, all in the same day). So we did it yesterday, April 4. We took them to the Oklahoma History Center, next to the capitol, and[…]

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